Dubai is a fancy city with lots of cool things to see. One of the coolest places there is the Dubai Mall Aquarium, which lots of people from all over the world really like. Before we talk about how much the Dubai Mall Aquarium ticket price is, let’s pause for a moment to think about how amazing the Dubai Mall Aquarium is. It’s inside the huge Dubai Mall, and it’s one of the biggest aquariums that hangs in the air. You can see all of this through a huge see-through window, and it feels like you’re really underwater with them.


The Tunnel: The best part of the aquarium is a very long tunnel that’s 48 meters (about 157 feet) in length. You can walk through it, and all around you are sea creatures.

Underwater Zoo: Right next to the aquarium is something called the underwater zoo.

Interactive Experiences: If you like adventure, the Dubai Mall Aquarium has some exciting things to do. You can go snorkeling in a cage underwater with sharks or even dive with them.

Glass-Bottom Boat Tours: If you’re not into adventure, that’s okay! You can take a relaxing boat tour with a see-through bottom.

Ticket Price Options

Now, let’s talk about how much it costs to go to the Dubai Mall Aquarium. The price can change depending on a few things like how old you are, what’s included in your ticket, and when you want to visit.

Here are the different types of tickets:

Standard Admission: This is the regular ticket.

Explorer Experience: If you want an even cooler experience, you can choose the Explorer ticket. It includes going inside the Aquarium Tunnel, visiting the Underwater Zoo, and getting a tour behind the scenes.

VRZoo 360 Experience: If you’re feeling really adventurous, there’s something called the VRZoo 360 Experience. You may have an exhilarating virtual reality trip in addition to seeing the Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo with this ticket.

Annual Pass: If you live in Dubai or plan to visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo often, you can get an Annual Pass. This pass lets you go there as many times as you want for a whole year.


Walking Inside the Aquarium Tunnel: One of the coolest things to do is walking through a long tunnel inside the aquarium. It’s 48 meters (about 157 feet) long!

Exploring the Underwater Zoo: Right next to the big aquarium is something called the Underwater Zoo.

Snorkeling with Sharks in a Cage: If you’re feeling brave, you can try snorkeling with sharks! Don’t worry; you’ll be in a strong cage, so you’ll be safe while getting really close to the sharks.

Diving with Sharks: If snorkeling isn’t enough excitement, certified divers can go deep into the tank and swim with the sharks.

Relaxing on Glass-Bottom Boat Tours: If you prefer a calm experience, you can take a ride on a special boat with a see-through bottom.

Watching Mermaid Shows: Sometimes, the Dubai Mall Aquarium has amazing mermaid shows. Skilled performers dress up as mermaids and swim with the sea creatures, making it look magical.

Going Behind the Scenes: You can also take a special tour behind the scenes to see how the aquarium works.

Eating at Cafe Aquaria: After all your underwater adventures, you can have a meal at Cafe Aquaria. It’s unique because you can eat while looking at the fish and sea creatures swimming by.

Shopping for Souvenirs: Don’t forget to check out the gift shop in the aquarium.

Taking Photos: If you love taking pictures, you’ll have plenty of chances here. You can capture pictures of the amazing sea life, the long tunnel, and create your own memories.

Learning with Educational Programs: The aquarium also offers programs where you can learn about sea animals and how to protect them. It’s great for schools and groups.

Touching Sea Creatures: There’s a special place where you can touch sea creatures like starfish.

Virtual Reality Adventures: If you choose the VRZoo 360 Experience ticket, you can have exciting virtual reality adventures related to the sea. It makes your visit even more thrilling.

Special Events: Sometimes, the Dubai Mall Aquarium hosts unique events and exhibitions.

Private Events and Birthday Parties: If you want to celebrate something special, you can even have your own private event or birthday party at the Dubai Mall Aquarium. It’s a truly unforgettable experience!

Best Time to Visit

To have the best time at the Dubai Mall Aquarium and avoid big crowds, it’s a good idea to go on weekdays and not during the busiest times. Early mornings and late afternoons are usually quieter, so you can enjoy the underwater world peacefully.


The Dubai Mall Aquarium is a place you really shouldn’t miss when you’re in Dubai. It has amazing displays of sea creatures and different ticket choices for everyone. No matter if you’re alone, with family, or love adventure, this place has something special for you. Remember to plan your visit ahead and pick the ticket that fits what you like. The Dubai Mall Aquarium will give you a fantastic underwater adventure you won’t forget.


Is the Dubai Mall Aquarium suitable for children?

Yes, it’s an excellent family-friendly attraction with educational value.

Are there any guided tours available?

Yes, guided tours are available for those who want a more in-depth understanding of the marine life and conservation efforts.

Can I buy tickets online?

Yes, you can conveniently purchase tickets online through the official Dubai Mall Aquarium Tickets or trusted ticketing platforms.

Any limitations on oversized bags or backpacks?

For the safety and comfort of all visitors, large bags and backpacks may need to be checked in at the entrance.

What is the Dubai Mall Aquarium?

The Dubai Mall Aquarium is a big place where you can see lots of sea animals, like fish, sharks, and turtles.

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