One of the coolest things there is Ekart Zabeel. In this article, we will talk about everything about Ekart Zabeel Dubai Mall, from when it started to all the fun stuff you can do there.

 The Genesis

They introduced Ekart Zabeel Dubai because many people wanted exciting entertainment. It started in [year] and became famous among both local people and tourists.

Utilizing Karting Professionals

To make Ekart amazing, Dubai Mall joined forces with experts in karting. This teamwork brought advanced technology and really fun racing to the mall.


Go-Karting: Feel the excitement of racing go-karts on a fast track for beginners and experts.

Arcade Games: Have fun playing different games like pinball and virtual reality games that anyone can enjoy.

Bumper Cars: Enjoy bumping into others in safe bumper car battles, spinning and having a good time.

Trampoline Park: Jump and do flips on trampolines in a place with different activities like dodgeball and foam pits.

Laser Tag: Go on exciting missions with laser tag in a futuristic place, where you can play against friends.

Birthday Parties: Have awesome birthday parties for kids and adults, with games, food, and fun.

Corporate Events: Plan team-building events and work gatherings, with options you can choose.

Fitness Classes: Stay active with fun fitness classes like trampoline fitness, a cool way to exercise.

Retail Stores: Check out stores with gaming stuff, gifts, and souvenirs to remember your visit.

Outdoor Seating Area: Relax outside and enjoy the nice Dubai weather while taking a break from activities.

Bringing to Light the Exciting Activities

Electric Karting

At the heart of Ekart, they use electric karts. These are different from the usual karts that run on gasoline. Electric karts are better for the environment, and they’re still super-fast and exciting to race.

Virtual Reality Fun

To make racing even more exciting, Ekart Zabeel rides uses virtual reality (VR) technology in some of their races.

Getting There and Reservations

Easy to Reach

Ekart is right in Dubai Mall, so it’s easy for anyone visiting the mall for shopping or fun.

How to Reserve

You can book your experience before you go on the Dubai Mall website or when you arrive at the attraction.

Staying Safe

Safety is really important. Everyone who races gets safety gear like helmets and protective clothes to make sure they’re safe while having fun.

Helpful Staff

The people who work know a lot about karting safety.

Who Can Have Fun?

Age and Height Rules

Ekart is open to lots of different ages, but there are rules about how tall and old you need to be for some karting rides.

The Excitement

If you love racing or you’re trying karting for the first time, this destination is all about having a super exciting adventure.

Watching the Fun

Even if you don’t want to race, this place has a special place for people to watch. You can see your friends and family racing without joining in.


In simple words, this attraction is not just about go-karting; it’s an exciting adventure that combines fun, technology, and a bit of thrill. With its great location, safety measures, and fun things to do, Dubai Mall is a place you should definitely visit if you want to have a really fun time and make great memories with Ekart Zabeel Dubai Ticket Price.


How much does it cost to try Ekart?

The price depends on what kind of karting experience you want. You should check the Dubai Mall website for the most recent prices.

Is this destination okay for kids?

Yes, this place has karting rides that are good for families and kids. But there are rules about how old and tall you need to be for some of them.

Should I reserve at this attraction ahead of time?

When it’s busy, it’s a good idea to reserve your seat in advance. You can also just walk in, but booking ahead is safer.

Are there any deals or discounts for this venue?

Sometimes, Dubai Mall has special offers for Ekart.

Can I have a birthday party or special event at this place?

Yes, this attraction has special packages for birthday parties and other events.

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