Dubai is a fantastic place in the United Arab Emirates, with lots of amazing things for tourists to do. One of the best things to try is a desert safari, where you can have an exciting ride on sand dunes, learn about the local culture, and see beautiful sunsets. But you might be wondering, How much does it cost to go on this adventure in the desert? In this guide, we’ll talk about what makes the Desert Safari Ticket price in Dubai go up or down, so you can plan your trip well. We have more than 13 years of experience in the tourism industry and a good reputation.

Understanding Ticket Categories

To understand how much this activity costs, it’s important to know that there are different types of experiences you can choose from. Each type offers different levels of comfort, activities, and how long they last.

1. Standard Safari: This is the cheapest choice, and it usually includes activities like riding on sand dunes, riding camels, and taking pictures of the sunset.

2. Deluxe Safari: The Deluxe Safari gives you a more comfortable experience. It often includes extra activities such as getting henna tattoos, smoking a traditional water pipe called Shisha, and having a buffet dinner.

3. Luxury Safari: If you want the most luxurious experience in the desert, the Luxury Safari is the way to go. You get special features like a private car, a fancy dinner, and exclusive activities like watching falcons.

4. Private Safari: If you want a very private and customized adventure, you can choose a Private Safari. With this option, you get your own 4×4 vehicle, a personal guide, and the freedom to plan your adventure as you like.

Factors Influencing Ticket Prices

Several things can make the prices of tickets in Dubai go up or down.

Type of Safari: As we mentioned before, the kind of safari you choose really matters. The fancier it is and the more things it includes, the more it will cost.

What’s Included: Check what you get with your ticket. Some safaris come with extra stuff, like riding on quad bikes, while others stick to more traditional things.

How Long It Lasts: Longer safaris usually cost more. The regular one is about 6 hours, but the fancier ones can go for 8 hours or even longer.

Time of Day: Safaris in the morning or evening are often pricier than those in the afternoon. The evening ones usually give you a beautiful sunset and dinner under the stars.

Group Size: If you go with a bunch of people, you might get a discount, which can make it cheaper if you’re with family or friends.

Season: Prices can go up during busy times when lots of tourists are around, like in the winter. That’s when more people want to go on safaris, so the prices might be higher.

Booking Tips

Now that you know what can make ticket prices change, here are some tips to help you make the most of your money:

Book Early: Prices can go up as the day of your safari gets closer. So, if you book in advance, you can save some money.

Compare Your Choices: Don’t pick the first safari you see. Look at different companies and the deals they have.

Read Reviews: Check out what other travelers say about the safari you want to go on. This can help you make sure it’s worth it.

Ask About Discounts: See if there are discounts for kids, big groups, or if you’re booking more than one tour with the same company.

Avoid Busy Times: If you can choose when to go, think about going when there aren’t too many tourists around. That’s when prices might be lower.


Ticket prices can be different, but there are choices for every budget and what you like. By thinking about the kind of safari, what’s included, and the things that affect the prices, you can make a smart decision and have a great time in the Arabian Desert. Don’t forget to book ahead, compare your options, and follow the safety rules to have the best desert adventure. Enjoy your time in Dubai, and may your desert journey be as amazing as the endless sand dunes in Arabia! Use Aan Tourism in your travel planning for an unforgettable experience. Our group of over fifty motivated individuals is here to deliver exceptional services. Our services have benefited over 10,000 individuals.


Q: Is it safe to go to an Arabian desert?

A: Yes, it’s generally safe to go on a safari. The companies that run these tours have strict safety rules. But it’s important to follow your guide’s instructions for a safe and fun experience.

Q: Are there age rules for safaris?

A: Most safaris are good for families, but some activities like dune bashing might have age or health restrictions. You should ask your tour guide about any specific requirements.

Q: What should I wear to this attraction?

A: It’s best to wear light and comfy clothes. If you plan to do things like quad biking, you should wear the right clothes for that. Don’t forget to use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and put on a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Q: Can I go on an Arabian safari by myself?

A: Yes, many tour companies have options for solo travelers. You can join a group safari or choose a private one, depending on what you like and your budget.

Q: Do they give you food on the safari?

A: Yes, most safaris include a buffet dinner with lots of different foods from around the world and local dishes. If you have special food needs, they can usually help if you tell them ahead of time.

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