3D Mini Golf is a miniature golf course that combines leisure and excitement in Dubai. Every putt in this attraction is a cosmic journey that transforms the entire experience into a luminous wonderland. Let’s dig right into details on how to secure 3D Blacklight Minigolf Dubai tickets because we are here to help you do so through our 13 years of experience in the tourism industry. 

The Fascination

This 3D mini golf is not just a traditional minigolf experience. The technological use of blacklight makes the golf course come alive with vibrant colors and illusions that transcend the regular putt-putt experience. This makes the whole experience challenging and exciting.

Why Black Light Minigolf?

Dubai has set its value in the world and has become a hub for entertainment by constantly introducing new and creative activities and experiences. This attraction is one of the marvels where innovation and creativity are shown through specially curated putt-putt courses, ensuring a one-of-a-kind adventure for everyone.

Ticket Options and Packages

There are various ticketing options for this luminous adventure, depending on category and preference. There are options for a family outing or group fun; their packages and deals suit everyone. These tickets not only include entry to this place but also offer exclusive access to certain course sections along with complimentary drinks, ensuring a personalized experience for every guest.

Booking Process Made Easy

Due to the online platforms, securing your tickets is now easy and convenient. One of the ways to book the tickets is through their official website. Another option is to book through Aan Tourism at discounted rates. Simply select the date, number of people, and transfer type to book tickets at affordable prices.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

One of the best things about this place is that it appeals to people of all ages. Not only children and youngsters but also parents and grandparents can relish this attraction by having friendly competitions amongst themselves. Each mini golf course is designed according to experience, age, and other varied factors so that everyone can play according to their preference and ease.

Thrilling Challenges on the Course

The courses in this venue are all different from each other, and each offers a unique challenge and thrill. These courses include glowing tunnels and taking shots under the cosmic glow. Each putt-putt hole is unique and challenging because the 3D effect adds that extra layer of excitement and fascination so that the players can find themselves in a fantastical world.

Safety Measures and Guidelines

Individual safety is the most important aspect of this venue. They adhere to strict guidelines to ensure every visitor is having fun with peace of mind. There are several safety protocols that make it an even better experience for all the guests. This ascertains that mini golf has an enjoyable environment for residents and tourists.

Exclusive Events and Parties

3D miniature golf is not just an indoor sports arena but offers a unique setting for private events and celebrations. They are an excellent choice to celebrate birthdays, corporate events, and even special events, guaranteeing a memorable experience for each person who arrives. They also have customizable options for the guests who want something different and perfect, as they have envisioned.

Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

Here are some tips to make your adventure even better. You should wear clothes that react well to the black light. Do not forget to bring your friends or family members to this place and share the excitement and fun with them so you all have cherished memories of this wonderful place.

Future Developments and Innovations

As the world evolves, so does Dubai, making itself more appealing to the people of the world by introducing more and more entertainment with developments and innovations such as 3D black light mini golf. Whether it’s about a new course featuring 3D dimensions or thematic changes in one or more sections, This place ascertains that visitors will always have an experience that they can remember for a long time.


This place offers unforgettable and lasting memories for all the people who visit it. The very moment you step onto the golfing course, you will instantly delve into the activities that this attraction has to offer. So, do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to relish with your friends and family and create remarkable memories by making the day full of fun and laughter. If you wish to visit this amazing place, plan with Aan Tourism because our team consisting of over 50 passionate persons, would happily serve you with the best services as we have served over 10,000 customers.


Is it possible to buy tickets on the day when I will visit them?

It may be possible to do so; however, it is recommended to purchase the tickets before visiting so you can secure a preferred slot in advance and do not have to worry on the spot.

Is this experience suitable for young people?

Of course! The golf course is designed to be child-friendly hence, it caters to individuals of all age groups.

Do they have any eating and drinking spots?

Yes, they have a diverse range of packages and deals that include complimentary beverages along with other options to choose from.

Is it possible to host a private event at this place?

Absolutely, They offer pre-planned and customized options, so you get everything you need for the event.

What kind of clothes are best to wear?

You should go for bright-colored clothes to enhance the visual effect under the 3D black light.

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