Imagine the moonlight casting a gentle glow on the serene shoreline, the sound of waves lapping at the beach, and you, armed with a flashlight and a sense of adventure, ready to embark on a unique experience, the Flamingo Beach Resort crab hunting. This unique activity combines excitement, nature, and delicious rewards. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of crab hunting on the beautiful shores of Flamingo Beach Resort.

Crab Hunting: A Thrilling Beach Adventure

Crab hunting is a popular pastime in many coastal regions, and it’s no different in the UAE. At this Resort, you can participate in a guided crab hunt for an evening of surprise and delight.

What to Expect:

  1. The Right Timing: Crab hunting Resort usually takes place during the evening when crabs are most active. As the sun sets and the moon rises, it’s the perfect time to head to the beach.
  2. Equipment: You’ll be provided with the essential equipment for crab hunting, including a flashlight and a bucket to collect your catch.
  3. Expert Guidance: Knowledgeable guides will accompany you and share insights into the behavior and habits of crabs. They share tips on how to find and capture these elusive creatures.
  4. The Hunt: Armed with your flashlight, you’ll scour the beach for crabs. Look for small sand mounds or holes that may indicate crab burrows.
  5. Chasing Crabs: As you spot a crab, the chase begins. Crabs are incredibly fast and catching them is a thrilling experience..
  6. Catch and Release: While the thrill of the chase is exciting, crab hunting is primarily a catch-and-release activity. This ensures the sustainability of the local crab population.

The Delicious Reward: A Seafood Feast

After the hunt, you can relax by the bonfire on the beach. The resort’s expert chefs transform your catch into delicious seafood dishes. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner featuring fresh crab dishes. The perfect end to a night of adventure.

Crab Hunting Tips:

  • Be patient and observant. Crabs are masters of camouflage.
  • Use your flashlight sparingly, as excessive light can startle the crabs.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for sandy terrain.

Booking Your Experience:

Crab hunting experiences are often available as part of the resort’s offerings. You can make a reservation for this adventure in advance to secure your spot.


Crab hunting at offers a unique and unforgettable adventure. It’s an opportunity to get in touch with nature, enjoy exciting activities and taste delicious seafood dishes. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply looking for a new and exciting experience in the UAE, crab hunting is a must-try activity that promises an unforgettable evening on the shore. Pack your sense of adventure and get ready for a night of crabbing and beachside dining in this charming coastal paradise.We recommend you to plan your trip with aan tourism for nore better and amaizing experience. We have a team of 50 talented employees we have made many customers satisfied through our service.


1. What is crab hunting?

  • Crab hunting is an adventurous evening activity where you search for crabs on the resort’s beach under the guidance of experienced trainers.

2. When is the best time for crab hunting?

  • Crab hunting is typically conducted in the evening when crabs are most active. This is an activity where you can enjoy watching the sun set and the moon rise.

3. What equipment is provided for crab hunting at Flamingo Beach Resort?

  • Participants are typically provided with a flashlight and bucket to help identify and collect crabs.

4. Are there guides to assist with crab hunting?

  • Yes, knowledgeable guides accompany participants during the crab hunting experience. These provide insight into crab behavior and provide tips for identifying and capturing crabs.

5. Can participants keep the crabs they catch?

  • Crab hunting is primarily a catch-and-release activity to ensure the conservation of local crab populations.

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