Dubai is famous for its fancy places to visit, and one of the most interesting spots for families is the Dolphinarium. This is a place where you can see dolphins perform. If you want to go there, it’s important to know when the shows are so you can have a great time. In this article, we’ll talk about Dubai Dolphinarium Show Timings, how much tickets cost, and what you can enjoy when you go there.

When to See the Shows

Knowing when the shows are being important so you can plan your visit the right way. This place usually has many shows during the day, so you can pick the time that works best for your plans.


Dolphin and Seal Shows: The best part of the Dolphinarium is the dolphin and seal shows. These shows are very interesting. The dolphins and seals do cool tricks, jump around, and play with people.

Mirror Maze: There’s a special maze made of mirrors. It’s tricky and fun to try and find your way out.

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show: You can watch colorful birds from different countries in this show. They do special things that make people happy.

Swimming with Dolphins: You might get a chance to swim with dolphins. Trained people will help you, and it’s a special experience to be close to these friendly animals.

Interactive Sessions: You can learn a lot about dolphins, seals, and other sea animals in these sessions.

Photo Time: You can take pictures with dolphins and seals to remember your visit.

Gift Shop: There’s a store where you can buy things to remember your visit. They have toys and stuff with dolphins on them.

Learning Programs: The Dolphinarium also teaches you about sea animals. If you’re in a group or school, they have programs that can help you learn about taking care of the ocean.

Dolphin Therapy: There are special sessions where people with special needs can spend time with dolphins. It helps them feel better emotionally and physically.

The Amazing Dolphin and Seal Shows

The best part of your visit will definitely be the captivating dolphin and seal shows. These shows let you see how clever and friendly these sea animals are. With the help of talented trainers, the dolphins and seals do exciting tricks, jumps, and play with the audience, which will really impress you.

Other Fun Things to Do

Even though the dolphin and seal shows are the main events, there are more exciting things to do at this place. There’s a tricky Mirror Maze and a show with colorful birds from faraway places in Creek Park.

Types of Tickets and How Much They Cost

Dubai Dolphinarium gives you different choices for tickets, so you can pick what you like. You can buy tickets on the internet or when you get there. The cost of tickets depends on your age, the kind of show you want to see, and if you want to do extra things.

Special Tickets: If you want something extra special, special tickets give you better seats and extra nice things.

Ticket Bundles: These bundles give you tickets for the dolphin show plus a chance to do other fun things at the same place. This is a good deal because you get more for your money.

Tips for Better Trip

Here are some things you can do to have the best time:

Come Early: Make sure you arrive at the place before the show starts. This way, you’ll have enough time to get your tickets and find where you’re supposed to sit.

Take Pictures: Bring a camera to take pictures of the cool things you’ll see during the show.

Drink Water: It can get hot in Dubai, so remember to drink water while you’re there to stay refreshed.

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Dubai Dolphinarium gives you an amazing chance to see how smart and wonderful sea animals are. They do exciting shows and fun things there. If you know when the shows are and plan your visit, you’ll have a great time with your family.


Do the shows always happen at the same time?

Sometimes, the show times might change a little. So, it’s a good idea to check when the shows will be before you go.

Can I get tickets before I go?

Yes, you can buy tickets on the official website before you go. This way, you’ll have a spot reserved for you.

Can I take photos at the performances?

You’re allowed to take pictures, but try not to use the bright light on your camera because it might surprise the animals.

Is there an age limit?

No, everyone can watch the shows – kids and grown-ups too.

How long are the performances?

Each show goes on for about 45 minutes.

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