Prepare to be drenched in exhilaration at Yas Waterworld, the ultimate water park destination located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  With a breathtaking selection of rides and attractions, it promises an exhilarating water adventure for all ages. This blog details the rides at this attraction and provides a comprehensive guide to planning your visit. Aan Tourism has a strong reputation, and we promise to make your tours unforgettable.

Location and Accessibility

It is conveniently situated on Yas Island, making it easily accessible from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, you can reach this aquatic paradise by car, taxi, or through Yas Island’s comprehensive transport network.

Ticket Options

Before your adventure begins, it’s essential to choose the right ticket option. The park offers a variety of options, including day passes, annual passes, and combination packages that allow access to Yas Island’s other attractions. Prices vary, so we recommend checking the official website for the latest prices and  offers.

Types of Rides

It’s boasts an extensive collection of rides that cater to different preferences and thrill levels. Here are some of the key categories of rides you can enjoy:

  • Slides and Tubes: 
  • These rides come in all shapes and sizes, from family-friendly slides to heart-pounding drops. The Liwa Loop, Jebel Drop, and Marah Fortress are just a few of the exhilarating options that guarantee a splash-tastic time.
  • Flowboarding and Surfing: 
  • If you’re into flowboarding and surfing, you’ll love rides like Rush Rider and Bubbles’ Barrel. These points of interest are ideal for riders of all ability levels, from novices to skilled surfers.
  • Adventure Rides: 
  • Brace yourself for adventures like Dawwama, an intense tornado waterslide, and Slithers Slides, where you twist and turn in darkness. The Bandit Bomber,a floating roller coaster, brings even more excitement.
  • Lazy Rivers and Pools: 
  • For a more relaxing experience, It features lazy rivers and pools. You can float peacefully on the Amwaj Wave Pool or enjoy a leisurely journey down the Al Raha River.
  • Family Fun: 
  • There are plenty of attractions designed with families in mind. The CineSplash and Yadi Yas are interactive, family-friendly rides, while the Al Waha Cabanas provide a comfortable space for your group to relax.

Height and Age Restrictions

Keep in mind that some rides have height and age restrictions for safety reasons. These restrictions are in place to ensure that everyone enjoys their time in a safe and enjoyable manner. Be sure to check the park’s website or ask a team member for specific guidelines.

Food and Amenities

It offers a variety of dining options, including international cuisine, fast food, and healthy options, so you can recharge and continue your water adventures. There is also a retail store where you can purchase swimwear, souvenirs, and sunscreen.

Safety Measures

It is committed to the safety and well-being of our visitors. Lifeguards and trained staff are stationed throughout the park, and strict hygiene and safety protocols are in place.


It is a water park like no other, guaranteeing a wet and wild adventure with every visit. Whether you’re a thrill seeker, a family looking for some fun, or just looking for a refreshing escape from the UAE heat, this water park has something for everyone. Yas Waterworld rides are a testament to the company’s commitment to providing unforgettable experiences. So put on your swimwear and sunscreen, get adventurous, and have fun for an unforgettable day full of fun and excitement. You can plan your journey with Aan Tourism for a fantastic revel in due to the fact we’ve got a crew of over 50 folks that certainly care about making your journey special. We`ve made more than 10,000 clients satisfied with our services.


1. Where it is located?

  • It is located on Yas Island

2. What are the park’s operational hours?

  • Park hours may vary depending on the season and special events. It’s advisable to check the official Yas Waterworld website or contact the park for the most up-to-date information on opening and closing times.

3. What types of tickets are available for this place?

  • It gives numerous price tag options, including single-day passes, annual passes, and mixture programs that provide admission to different sights on Yas Island. Prices can also additionally vary, so it`s advisable to test the reputable internet site for modern costs and availability.

4. Are there any height and age restrictions for certain rides?

  • Yes, some rides have specific height and age restrictions for safety reasons.

5. Is it suitable for families?

  • Yes, it offers a wide range of family-friendly rides and attractions, including areas designed for children. Families with young kids can enjoy a variety of water play elements and slides that cater to all age groups.

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