The IMG World Roller Coaster is not like any regular fun place. It’s a super exciting adventure spot that guarantees lots of fun and excitement. This article will tell you all about the world’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, the story of this theme park, the cool zones to explore, places to eat, and everything you should know for a great visit. We’ve been in the tourism business for more than 13 years, and people really like us.

The Roller Coaster That’s the Biggest and Fastest in the World

A roller coaster is a special ride known for being the tallest and fastest roller coaster globally. If you love excitement and thrills, you definitely should give it a try.

The Story of the Theme Park

There is a huge indoor amusement park in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It opened its doors in 2016 and has become a favorite place for people who enjoy exciting rides and families to have fun.

The Marvel Zone: Superhero Fun

One of the coolest parts of the park is the Marvel Zone. Here, you can meet your favorite superheroes and try exciting rides based on characters like Spider-Man and the Hulk.

The Cartoon Network Zone: A Fun Place

For a more playful adventure, go to the Cartoon Network Zone. It’s a dreamland for both kids and grown-ups. You can ride attractions with characters from shows like Ben 10 and Adventure Time.

The Lost Valley: Time Travel

Take a trip back in time to the days of dinosaurs at the Lost Valley. You’ll see life-sized dinosaurs and enjoy rides that let you explore this fascinating period in history.

Novo Cinemas: Movie Time

They also have Novo Cinemas, which is a really fancy movie theater. You can watch the latest big movies or relax in comfy seats while enjoying your favorite films.

Eating Options

After all the fun, you’ll want some food. They have lots of different places to eat, from quick meals to fancy dining, so everyone can find something they like.

Getting Souvenirs

Don’t forget to get some souvenirs from the park’s stores to remember your exciting day at this attraction.

A Great Day for Families

It isn’t just for people who love excitement. It’s also a great place for families. There are plenty of rides and things to do for everyone to have a fun day.

Prices and Hours

Before you go, it’s important to know how much tickets cost and when the park is open. That way, you can pick the right time to have the most fun at this place.

Ideas for a Visit to Remember

We have some helpful ideas to ensure your trip to this theme park is amazing. These tips will help you get there and start having fun quickly.


To sum it up, IMG World is a super thrilling amusement park where everyone, no matter how old, can have an amazing time. They have a roller coaster that’s set records, cool-themed areas, and lots of places to eat. If you want to make your visit unforgettable, you can plan it with Aan Tourism. We work hard to give you great service, and our team has more than 50 dedicated folks. We’ve made over 10,000 customers really happy with what we do.


1. Can you tell me the height of the tallest roller coaster?

The world’s tallest roller coaster is quite tall, but I don’t have the exact height. You can check the park’s official website for that information.

2. When is the best time to go to have fewer people there?

To avoid big crowds, it’s usually a good idea to visit on weekdays or during the off-peak season when there are fewer people.

3. Do they have rules about how old you have to be or how tall you have to be to go on the rides?

You should check with the park to know the specific restrictions for each ride.

4. Can I buy tickets on the Internet before I go?

Yes, you can usually buy tickets online in advance on the IMG website or through the Aan Tourism website.

5. Is it a good place to go with little kids and families?

They have rides and attractions suitable for young children and families, so it can be a fun place to visit with your family. Just be sure to check the height and age requirements for certain rides to make sure they’re suitable for everyone in your group.

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