Seaworld Abu Dhabi boasts an impressive collection of more than 35 interactive experiences and exciting rides, live character appearances and performances, a diverse range of 17 dining choices, and 13 retail stores.

Animal Welfare

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has attained certification from Global Humane, the renowned international entity associated with American Humane. This prestigious certification makes Abu Dhabi Sea World the pioneering facility in the MENA region to meet the highest standards of animal welfare.

Discover our Fascinating World

Get on an amazing adventure that will transport you from the polar regions to the tropical paradise within Abu Dhabi! Submerge yourself in the wonders of our 8 mesmerizing ocean zones, where you’ll encounter magnificent marine life, find inspiration, and indulge in captivating entertainment.

The Magical Core

At the heart of the park, the “One Ocean” serves as a central gathering place where all realms meet. Discover portals to other zones and the “Animal Care Center” within this captivating hub. Immerse yourself in remarkable stories of the “One Ocean” through notable centerpiece 360-degree media experience. Prepare to be charmed by the breathtaking narratives that unfold before your eyes.

An Enduring Legacy of Culture

Dig into the captivating SeaWorld Abu Dhabi Ocean realm, where you’ll gain a remarkable understanding of the extraordinary marine ecosystem found in the Arabian Gulf. Explore the vibrant history of Bedouin families who navigated these waters in search of valuable pearls for trade. Prepare to be fascinated by the interlinking narratives of culture and environment that define this remarkable zone.

Heaven for Sea Lions

At “Rocky Point”, there is a meticulously designed above and underwater habitat that offers sea lions an enriching environment to flourish. Advanced technology allows to recreate the natural elements of their habitat, including water currents, wave movements, and lighting conditions. Through Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS), the cycles of night, day, and seasons are precisely mimiced, just as they occur in the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, specialized areas are provided where the sea lions can relax under the complete spectrum of UVA and UVB lighting.

Explore Underwater World 

Step into an underwater world to celebrate the remarkable influence of small creatures and individuals. Dive into a world filled with games, thrilling adventures, exciting rides, captivating experiments, entertaining shows, and even some educational fun. Prepare yourself for an abundance of exciting experiences that await you in this enchanting underwater paradise.

A Tropical Paradise

Embark on a radiant adventure where you’ll encounter flowing waterfalls, lush tropical rainforests, a lagoon with crystal-clear waters, and a collection of extraordinary marine creatures. Join to celebrate the exquisite beauty of the vibrant tropics, where every moment is filled with splendor.

Frozen Landscape

Discover the breathtaking beauty of a frozen landscape as you journey into the Arctic zone inside the facility. Encounter a diverse grouping of fascinating animals, including walruses, puffins, and sea otters. Step into the vibrant “Juhani Village” and familiarise to the chilly temperatures as in the North Pole.

In this captivating area, you’ll experience the seasonal variations in temperature and light cycles as in the Arctic region. Gain fascinating insights into this unique environment and the incredible creatures that call it home.

Explore The World’s Remotest Region

Venture into the tremendous area of Antarctica, with its piercing winds, majestic mountains, and icy shelves, this area showcases the most extreme conditions found on our planet. Here, the penguins rules.

With air temperatures hovering around 1°C and water temperatures at 7°C, Antarctica zone inside the facility provides an ideal climate for the six species of Subantarctic and Antarctic penguins. To ensure the utmost welfare for these incredible creatures, a comprehensive zoological lighting system is implemented that accurately replicates the seasonal changes of Antarctica. Whether it’s a molting season, nesting season, or any other day of the year, our lighting system creates the perfect environment for their well-being.

Unveil The Mysteries of The Ocean

Embark on an extraordinary journey to uncover the hypnotic wonders and incredible diversity of the expansive ocean. The “Seabase 4” awaits, serving as the perfect starting point for your exploration.

Within this zone lies the world’s largest multi-species marine life aquarium, housing an astonishing 68,000 animals, including sharks, rays, and mesmerizing schools of fish.

Beyond this exceptional aquarium, you’ll have the opportunity to discover seven other appealing habitats that invite you to engage yourself in the limitless beauty and variety of the vast ocean. Peer into the different habitats through specially designed viewing areas, including the tremendous Endless Vista, a magnificent 20-meter vertical window.

Shopping Delights

Indulge in a delightful shopping experience with a choice of 13 diverse shops offering a wide range of clothing, souvenirs, gifts, and much more. Discover everything you need to commemorate your memorable day at Abu Dhabi Sea World and take home cherished mementos.

Arctic Trading Post

Don’t be discouraged by the Arctic’s zone’s cold climate. Equip yourself with suitable clothing for the weather or bring home a cuddly plush toy of your beloved Arctic animal as a reminder of your visit.

Dukkan Al-Tawash

Indulge in the world of pearls at this shop. Discover exquisite jewelry infused with local craftsmanship and traditions. And don’t miss the opportunity to capture a lasting memory with a photo souvenir from Dukkan Al-Tawash Photos.

Halawiyat Fatema

Follow your cravings to our delightful candy shop, where a world of sugary delights awaits. Treat yourself to gourmet popcorn, fluffy cotton candy, scrumptious chocolates, and an abundance of other tempting sweets. Give in to your sweet tooth and indulge in a truly mouthwatering experience.


Go on board on an exciting adventure with your little ones at Jellies. Delight in a wide selection of toys, trendy clothing, and everything else imaginable. Experience a world of endless possibilities and create lasting memories during this incredible shopping spree.

Polar Pier

Take your pick from a range of penguin plush toys and a variety of South Pole-themed clothing to commemorate your unforgettable adventure.

Souk Al-Seef

Explore the premier retail flagship store located at the exit, where you can find the complete range of merchandise from SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

The Armillary Collection

Discover a treasure of collectibles, including exquisite fine jewelry, stylish home goods, and elegant dynasty glassware. Each item is precisely crafted to be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime.

Dolphin Memories Photo

While a Dolphin Encounter is an unforgettable experience, it’s also a moment worth preserving! Don’t forget to take home a photograph as a keepsake from this extraordinary voyage.

Flamingo Point

If you adore the color pink, you won’t want to miss Flamingo Point. This must-visit destination offers all your essential Tropics items, including clothing and accessories for women and girls. Indulge in a delightful shopping experience surrounded by vibrant pink hues.

Hamad’s Hideaway

Immerse yourself in a world of dolphin-themed wonders, where you’ll find a fantastic assortment of apparel and toys to satisfy your passion.

Launch Bay Supplies & Co.

Step into a cutting-edge underwater store that offers a mesmerizing selection of themed merchandise. Submerge yourself in the excitement with the S·E·A Guardian Game portal, adding an extra layer of fun to your visit. And don’t miss the chance to engage in interactive play at the ROV table, making your experience even more interactive and memorable.

Sea Pixels Photo Services

No matter if it’s your initial visit or a return trip, capture a special moment and transform it into a cherished memory. Don’t forget to get your photo at Sea Pixels Photo Services, ensuring you have a solid keepsake to commemorate your experience.

Sunken Treasures

Make sure to visit us soon and acquire your very own Manta plush toy.

Secure your Tickets today!

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In conclusion, the Marine Life Theme Park at SeaWorld offers an unforgettable journey through eight captivating realms, showcasing the diverse wonders of the marine world. With a wide range of animal encounters, thrilling shows, interactive experiences, and exhilarating rides, visitors are immersed in a truly fascinating adventure. SeaWorld’s remarkable collection of interactive attractions, dining options, retail stores, and entertainment ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy. Embark on this extraordinary journey and create lasting memories in this extraordinary marine wonderland.

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What is the certification obtained by SeaWorld Abu Dhabi in relation to animal welfare?

It has obtained certification from Global Humane, a renowned international entity associated with American Humane.

How many interactive experiences are available?

It boasts an impressive collection of more than 35 interactive experiences.

What are the highlights of the Coastal Sanctuary of Sea Lions and how is their habitat designed?

The habitat for the sea lions has been meticulously designed, both above and underwater, to provide them with an enriching environment to flourish.

What are the unique features of the shopping experience?

It offers a delightful shopping experience with 13 diverse shops to choose from. Visitors can find a wide range of clothing, souvenirs, gifts, and more.

What are some of the available shops?

Available shops include Arctic Trading Post, Dukkan Al-Tawash, Halawiyat Fatema, Jellies, Polar Pier, Souk Al-Seef, The Armillary Collection, Dolphin Memories Photo, Flamingo Point, Hamad’s Hideaway, Launch Bay Supplies & Co., Sea Pixels Photo Services, and Sunken Treasures.

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