Get ready for an amazing trip that feels like you’re in Africa, right here in the UAE! Say hello to the Al Ain Zoo African Safari. The safari is not like other trips – it’s like a wild adventure. Just imagine being in Africa: the trees moving, lions roaring, and tall giraffes walking gracefully.

Exploring the Unique Wildlife

Amazing Lions

The top animal at the African Safari is the lion, often called the king of the jungle. Watching how they act together, hunt, and their royal presence is really special.

Lovely Giraffes

While you explore the safari, you’ll come across giraffes moving gracefully around the land. Get ready to feel delighted by these big, gentle animals.

Happy Elephants

They engage in leisure activities and have close relationships with their family. It’s like getting a behind-the-scenes look at these unusual animals’ unbelievable world.

Immersive Safari Experience

Exploring the Safari

The safari has different kinds of tours where experienced guides lead the way. You can choose to ride in a car with an open roof or walk around. The guides know a lot and help you really like the animals.

Meeting Cultures

There is more to the African Safari than just animals. Also celebrated are the many African civilizations.

Helping the Animals

The animals are very important to the safari. By coming to see them, you assist them in carrying out this crucial task.

Planning Your Al Ain Zoo Safari

When to Go

You can visit the safari anytime in the year, but it’s nicer from October to April when it’s not too hot. It’s best to go in the early morning or late afternoon to see the animals well.

Where to Stay

You can choose where to stay from different options. You can stay in fancy lodges with great views or in comfy tents that let you feel the wild.

Tips for the Safari

·        Wear Comfy Clothes: Put on light, breezy clothes and comfy shoes so you have a good time.

·        Stay Refreshed: Carry a water bottle, especially when it’s hot in the desert.

·        Shield from the Sun: Remember sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

·        Morning Advantage: Think about going on morning safaris for better animal views and cooler weather.

·        Capture Moments: Bring your camera to take pictures of amazing things you see.

·        Be Kind to Animals: Stay a safe distance away from animals and do what the guides say to keep everyone safe.

·        Respect Cultures: When you meet local people and learn about their ways, be respectful and open-minded.

·        Plan Ahead: If you book your safari online before you go, you’ll have a guaranteed spot.

·        Discover Together: Join guided tours with experts to learn more and make your experience better.

·        Taste New Foods: Don’t forget to try the yummy African dishes at the safari’s restaurants.

Photography and Keepsakes

If you really like taking pictures, you’ll love the Al Ain Safari. You can capture real moments of animals just being themselves. The way the light shines, the views, and how the animals act can make your photos look amazing.

Memories Forever

Whether you’re with family, friends, or by yourself, the African Safari will give you memories that will stay with you for a long time.

Remembering the Trip

You can bring a piece of the safari home with you by getting special things that remind you of your time there. These things aren’t just memories but also help the local communities.

Experiencing Local Cuisine

Discovering African Flavors

When you want to try the food at the Al Ain Safari, get ready for a special food adventure. The safari is a great place to enjoy many different tasty dishes from Africa.

A Mix of Tastes

At the safari, you can eat food that has been enjoyed for a long time, as well as new versions of old favorites. The meals there bring together different flavors in a special way. Think about tasting dishes that show the different cultures of Africa. Each bite is like a piece of their story.

A Food Journey

When you eat the food at the safari, your taste buds will go on a journey. The food smells and tastes amazing.

Different Choices

No matter if you like trying new things or sticking to what you know, the safari’s food has something for you. You can pick from foods like hearty stews, yummy grilled meats, colorful veggies, and tasty side dishes.

Food for Vegetarians

If you don’t eat meat, don’t worry! The safari has food that’s made just for you. You can enjoy dishes with plants that come from nearby places.


The African Safari offers you a thrilling blend of exploration, education, and conservation of the environment. Let yourself enjoy the wild and the safari’s special feeling. You’ll remember this journey for a really long time. The safari is not just a regular trip. It makes you think differently, wonder about things, and like the many different life forms on Earth.


Can kids go on the safari?

Yes, definitely! Families and individuals of all ages are welcome on the safari.

How can I arrange a safari tour?

You can book online on the safari’s official website or at the park.

Do they have food for people who don’t eat meat?

They do provide meals for many diets, including vegan and vegetarian options.

How does the safari take care of the animals?

The safari follows strict rules to guarantee the safety and happiness of the animals.

Can I pet the creatures?

Not directly, because it’s safer for both you and the animals. 

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