In Dubai, there’s a really cool place called the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium. It’s been open for 13 years and is popular in travel. It’s a cool and fun place to enjoy and fun. It’s just like a magical world under the sea, full of different sea animals. Everyone who goes there, whether young or old, has a great time.

Feasting Underwater: Eating in the Aquarium

Eating Underwater:

At the aquarium, you can have a special meal while you’re surrounded by the underwater world. The restaurants there look like you’re dining in the sea, with fish and other creatures swimming around you. It’s pretty amazing!

Great Views:

Picture enjoying your food while watching all sorts of sea animals swim by. The restaurants are in good spots, so you get awesome views of the aquarium’s displays. It makes your meal feel peaceful and exciting at the same time.

Different Food Choices:

There’s food for everyone at these restaurants. You can get quick bites at casual places or have fancy meals at elegant spots. Whether you’re with family or on a date, there’s something yummy for you.

Cool Atmosphere:

The restaurants have really nice vibes. The lights, how they’re decorated, and being underwater all make it feel special. It’s like having a magical meal surrounded by beautiful sea creatures.

Yummy Food:

Apart from the amazing view, the food is top-notch too. The chefs make all sorts of delicious dishes, from local favorites to food from around the world. It’s a treat for your taste buds!

Explore and Learn at the Dubai Underwater Zoo:

You can learn a lot and have fun at the Dubai Underwater Zoo. It’s a place where you can discover animals that live in the sea and learn about their lives.

Special Tours:

You can take a special tour behind the scenes to see how the aquarium works. You’ll see the machines that keep everything clean and safe for the animals. It’s a chance to understand how they take care of the sea animals.

Feeding Shows:

Experts feed the animals and explain how different creatures eat and what they like to eat. There’s a lot to learn about rays, sharks, and other sea animals.

Touch and Feel:

There are special displays where you can touch sea creatures like starfish, guided by experts.


You can learn how to protect the oceans and maintain the safety of sea life in the aquarium’s classes.

For Kids:

Kids can join special programs to learn more about the sea. They can have fun and learn a lot at the Dubai Underwater Zoo. It’s not just about watching fish; you can touch and discover more about the amazing creatures underwater.


The Dubai Underwater Zoo teaches us about caring for the environment and sea creatures. It’s a place to enjoy, learn, and support marine animal protection. You can plan your visit with Aan Tourism for a great time. They have a big team who really care and make a lot of people happy with their trips. Eating at the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium is not your usual dining experience. It’s about enjoying great food in a place filled with incredible sights. Every meal there is like a special celebration of delicious food and a unique setting.


Can I take pictures inside?

Yes, you can take pictures for yourself. But there might be rules about using flash or tripods. These rules help keep the marine animals and other visitors comfortable. Just follow what the aquarium staff say for a good time for everyone.

Is the place accessible for people with special needs?

Yes, the aquarium has things like ramps, elevators, and special areas for people with disabilities. The staff is trained to help everyone enjoy their visit comfortably.

Are there shops to buy souvenirs?

Yes, there are shops with lots of things related to the sea. You can get toys, books, clothes, and souvenirs to remember your visit.

Are there shows with sea animals?

At times, the aquarium puts on special shows that teach about the animals and their abilities. These shows are fun and very interesting to watch for everyone.

Can I touch the animals in some areas?

There are places where you can touch some of the animals, but there are rules to keep everyone safe. The workers will show you how to act properly in these places to make sure everyone stays safe and has a good time.

These answers will give you more information about the Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium!

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