Enjoy the 3D World Experience

Aya Universe is an extraordinary immersive and interactive theme park. Visitors are welcome to explore 40,000 square feet of colorful interactive exhibits spread across twelve rooms that blend technology and art. As they navigate rivers that span the limitless, stroll through gardens bursting with light, and command stargazing observatories, travelers will play, wander, and dream.

AYA Universe

Highlights of Aya Universe

Explore AYA Universe, a Dubai-based haven for the inquisitive.

The design of Aya was inspired by what people imagine exists beyond the stars.

View all 12 chambers and the colorful worlds they contain.

As you have control over star-studded observatories, et your imagination go wild.

Explore the vibrantly colored waterways that link the chambers and stroll through the gardens full with beautiful lights.

Highly Recommend Aya Universe 

Sincerely speaking, I had anticipated that going through the rooms would take less time. However, the rooms were considerably bigger and more fascinating than I had anticipated; we spent a lot of time in each area repeatedly watching the presentation. Thank you so much for such a unique and enjoyable experience! We truly enjoyed it! A very lovely location; we purchased a combo ticket that included Global Village, and it proved to be quite beneficial. Many fascinating places to take pictures. We all enjoyed it as a family, and we heartily endorse it.

Visit the Aya Universe 

Discover 12 distinct zones of immersive entertainment at AYA Universe in Dubai. Explore the 40,000 square foot luminous garden, view the celestial observatory, and take in the light and sound displays. Take advantage of a hotel transfer that is optional.

If you selected that option, have yourself picked up at your hotel; if not, head straight to WAFI City Mall. Discover the twelve immersive zones located throughout the 40,000 square foot park as you venture into the captivating realm of AYA Universe. Each zone has its own unique features, such as The Source’s touch-responsive dome.

If you enjoy, check out the wonderful Drift Zone. Enjoy the futuristic lighting, sounds, images, projections, displays, and motion sensors as well. Take a time travel, explore lit gardens, witness waterfalls that are in reverse, and much more. Lastly, return to your hotel or the place where you were dropped off in Dubai.

Aya Universe Tickets Overview:

Location of the activity: Oud Metha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Wafi City Mall

Timings of Activities:

10:00 AM – 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday

10:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Friday and Saturday.

Action About two hours were spent.

Concerning the AYA Universe Tickets

Prepare to discover the 40,000 square foot immersive amusement park that is AYA Universe, located in the center of Dubai. You can explore the 12 distinct zones of AYA on foot, play, and take in the starry sky. Technology and art combine to present art in a fresh, immersive way. In areas like Drift, Celestia, and Falls, you can float across an unending bridge and promenade through shimmering gardens. Purchase tickets for AYA Universe Dubai to visit a haven designed.

AYA Universe

Frequently asked Questions

Aya Universe Dubai What is it ?

Situated in the center of Dubai, Aya Universe Dubai is a futuristic entertainment destination renowned for its creative fusion of art, technology, and immersive experiences. Through interactive installations, virtual reality experiences, art displays, and live performances, it provides guests with an unforgettable experience.

What Sights and activities are available to tourists at Aya Universe Dubai ?

Aya Universe Dubai offers a vast array of attractions and activities for visitors. They can take part in workshops and instructional sessions on subjects like robots, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. They can also explore interactive art installations, go through virtual reality experiences, and see live performances showcasing cutting-edge technology.

Does Aya Universe Dubai cater to all age groups ?

Yes, guests of all ages are intended to find enjoyment in Aya Universe Dubai. Though there are lots of family-friendly events and installations accessible for younger guests, certain experiences might be better suited for adults or older kids.

How can I buy Aya Universe Dubai tickets ?

You may buy tickets for Aya Universe Dubai in person at the venue’s ticket counter or online via the official website. A range of ticket choices are available to visitors, including multi-day passes, single-day passes, and customized packages that could include access to particular activities or attractions.

Exist any food Establishments at Aya Universe Dubai ?

Yes, Aya Universe Dubai has a variety of dining establishments, from upscale restaurants to laid-back cafes. While savoring a range of cuisines, including both worldwide and regional specialties, guests may experience the venue’s futuristic atmosphere. In addition, simple food and drinks can be found at refreshment kiosks scattered throughout the Site.

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