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Discover Dubai Park

Garden Glow Park lights up the night with beautiful, glowing sculptures and landscapes. This garden is beautiful. This magical garden gives everyone, no matter their age, a unique and enchanting experience. To make your visit more fun and affordable, Dubai Garden Glow Great Deals gives excellent value for your money, which you should check out.

What do garden concessions do?

Concessions on admission tickets: 

This park often has cheaper tickets for families, groups, and individuals. Watch for special offers on their official website or from approved ticket sellers.

Combo Tickets:

You can sometimes get combo tickets that let you visit many places in Zabeel Park, where Garden Glow is. This can help you keep more money in your pocket instead of buying separate tickets for each place.

Seasonal Promotions: 

Garden Glow celebrates different seasons and holidays all year with special light displays and themes.  On these special occasions, they usually have cheaper tickets. It’s a fantastic time to come and experience the magic.

Early Bird Off: 

Plan your visit early and benefit from early bird off.  These are for people who buy their tickets early, so you can enjoy this attraction at a lower price.

Children and senior Citizen off:

The park cares about its younger and older visitors. Kids and older folks usually get cheaper tickets, which means families and retired people can have a budget-friendly trip.

Special Group Rates: 

If you’re going to the park with lots of friends or family, ask about special group prices. Getting a group off can save a lot for everyone in your group.

Annual Passes: 

If you want to go to this place many times in a year, think about buying a yearly pass. Yearly passes usually give you unlimited visits and special benefits at a good price.

What Makes a Garden a Special Place for Visitors?

To make the most of your tour to Glow Park, you can enjoy its:

Natural Beauty:

The garden is designed to showcase the beauty of nature. Visitors are drawn to the exclusive colors of flowers, the serenity of greenery, and the calming presence of water features like fountains. 


Gardens are like super quiet and calm places. You can hear birds and leaves going shhh in the wind, and it makes you feel super relaxed. Glow Garden is a place to make people relax, think, and have some quiet time. It is a perfect place for finding peace and calm.

Educational Opportunities: 

This place serves as a living museum of botany. People can learn about different types of plants, how to take care of them, and why nature is important. They can do this by looking at signs with pictures and words, and going on special trips with a guide.

Cultural and artistic expression:

The garden can have pretty things like pictures, sculptures, and designs. They make the garden look beautiful and give people ideas for being artsy. Sometimes, there are fun parties with music or shows in gardens, so people can have fun and see cool art. It makes the garden visit even more fun!


Garden Glow Park is a truly magical and enchanting place. With its dazzling light displays, whimsical sculptures, and lush greenery, it offers a delightful experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re strolling through the glowing wonders of the park or enjoying the lively entertainment, this park is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to be amazed and entertained. This unique park is a testament to human creativity and the beauty of nature, making it a special and unforgettable place for families and friends to come together and create lasting memories. 


How can I find the latest concessions at the park?

You can visit the official park website or follow their social media profiles for updates on current concessions.

Are there any seasonal promotions at the park?

Yes, they often run seasonal promotions during special occasions or holidays. Watch for these on their website and social media pages.

Can I purchase tickets online in advance?

You can buy cheaper tickets online. Use the official Aan Tourism website. It’s a convenient way to save money and skip long lines at the entrance.

Are there any special rates for children, seniors, or large groups?

The garden might have lower prices for kids, seniors, and big groups. Go to their website to see the actual prices and learn who qualifies for a discount.

Can I combine multiple concessions for a single visit?

The attraction usually has terms and conditions for each. Check if you can use two concessions at once, as some concessions can’t be used together.

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