One really cool place in Dubai is the Dubai Underwater Zoo. It’s a special place where you can see ocean animals without getting wet. The Dubai Underwater Zoo is different because it’s like a mix of an aquarium and a zoo. You can see all kinds of sea creatures and land animals in one place with Dubai Underwater Zoo Price. It’s inside the famous Dubai Mall, and it’s not just fun; you can learn things there too.

Exploring the Marine Wonderland

The Amazing Underwater Tunnel

One of the coolest things at the Dubai Underwater Zoo is the underwater tunnel. It’s like a see-through tube filled with water where you can walk through. It’s similar to strolling over the sea floor!

Incredible Water Animals

The zoo is home to a ton of different water animals. You’ll see elegant jellyfish, fierce piranhas, playful otters, and even a mighty King Croc. It’s like visiting many different underwater worlds in one place. The variety of sea creatures you’ll see is really amazing.

Exciting Feeding Shows

To make your visit even more exciting, the Dubai Underwater Zoo has daily feeding shows. You can watch skilled divers feed the marine animals. It’s like having a front-row seat to a thrilling underwater dinner party! These shows also teach you a lot about how the animals eat and behave.

Land Animals too!

But it’s not just about underwater creatures. The Dubai Underwater Zoo also has a part where you can meet land animals. Here, you can see animals like African penguins, giant spider crabs, and Asian small-clawed otters. It’s like exploring both the ocean and the land in one place!


Now that you’re intrigued by the wonders that await you at the Dubai Underwater Zoo, let’s talk about the prices.

Standard Tickets

Explorer Package: Includes zoo entry and access to the underwater tunnel.

Ultimate Aquarium Experience: Offers zoo entry, access to the underwater tunnel, a behind-the-scenes tour, and a virtual reality experience.


Cool Tunnel Walk: Walk through a super-long tunnel (almost 50 meters) inside a gigantic fish tank. You’ll be surrounded by lots of sea animals like sharks, rays, and many kinds of fish.

Underwater Window: There’s a special window where you can look at the sea creatures. You can learn about the different animals from there.

Secret Tour: You can go behind the scenes to see how they take care of the fish and the big tank. It’s like a learning adventure.

Say Hi to Penguins: There’s a special place where you can meet penguins, those cute black and white birds. You can watch them play and even get close to them.

Cage Snorkeling Adventure: If you’re feeling brave, you can try snorkeling in a cage with sharks and rays.

Animal Meet-ups: During the day, you can meet different animals. You can learn about them, see how they act, and sometimes even touch or hold them with help from the staff.

Learn Interesting Stuff: Sometimes, they have talks to teach you about sea animals and why it’s important to take care of them. These talks are interesting for everyone.

Virtual Reality Fun: In some places, you can use cool virtual reality stuff to learn more about sea animals. It’s like playing a video game but about the ocean.

Get Souvenirs: Don’t forget to visit the shop where you can buy special things to remember your visit, like toys, books, and ocean-themed stuff.

Take Pictures: There are lots of special spots where you can take pictures to remember your visit.

Tips for Your Visit

Plan Ahead: To make the most of your visit, plan your day and arrive early to avoid crowds.

Photography: Don’t forget your camera or smartphone; you’ll want to capture the beauty of the underwater world.

Interactive Activities: Take advantage of the interactive activities and feeding shows for an enriched experience.

Souvenirs: Don’t leave without checking out the gift shop for unique souvenirs.


Dubai Underwater Zoo is a magical place that combines the beauty of marine life with the fascination of terrestrial creatures. Explore the mysteries of the deep and the fascinating world below the surface right in the middle of Dubai.


How much does admission to the aquarium cost?

The price depends on what you want to do, like if you want to go in a glass-bottom boat or do other cool things.

Can kids visit the Dubai Mall Aquarium?

Yes, kids of all ages are welcome. It’s a fun place for families.

Are there discounts for tickets?

Yes, sometimes they have special deals and discounts to help you save money.

Is there a special ticket for the underwater tunnel?

Yes, there’s a ticket that lets you walk through a tunnel to see the sea animals all around you.

When should you go if you want to avoid the crowds?

Coming early in the day is a good idea to avoid too many people.

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