Big Bus Tours are really good because they make it easy for you to see lots of cool stuff in a city. You are free to select your destination and stay longer if you so desire. They know a lot about tourism and have been doing it for more than 13 years, so they’re really good at it.

Where the Big Bus Goes

The Abu Dhabi Big Bus Tour Abu Dhabi stops at famous places like the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the luxurious Emirates Palace, and the beautiful Corniche Beach. Different tour options let you pick what you want to see, from exploring the whole city to themed adventures.

Seeing Abu Dhabi’s Special Places

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is amazing, with its beautiful designs and huge domes showing the city’s rich culture. People feel awed by its grandness and spiritual feeling.

The Emirates Palace is super fancy and luxurious, showing how modern Abu Dhabi is. Inside, it has beautiful designs that visitors really enjoy, giving a glimpse into the city’s lavish lifestyle.

Corniche Beach is a peaceful spot with clean shores and amazing views, perfect for getting away from the city hustle. People love its tranquility and the beautiful scenery.

Tips for a Great Tour

For the best Big Bus Tour experience in Abu Dhabi, timing matters. Mornings or late afternoons are best due to nice weather. Remember sunscreen, comfy clothes, and water.

Getting Tickets and Costs

Prices for the Big Bus Tour change based on what you pick, like a pass for one day or more. Booking online saves money and time, letting you skip lines and start your journey quickly.

Qasr Al Watan

The next stop is the Presidential Palace, Qasr Al Watan. This is a more recent establishment with lots of history and interesting heritage exhibitions about the UAE. Abu Dhabi is a city with lots of cool new things to try and stories from the past. It’s got incredible spots that show off its awesome buildings from way back when. With the Big Bus Tour, you can take a unique journey through the center of the city and see all these well-known locations.

Heritage Village

Step back in time at the Heritage Village to see how people used to live in Abu Dhabi. You’ll get to see old things from history and discover how people in the UAE used to live.

Marina Mall and More

For some fun and contemporary shopping, stop by Marina Mall. You might also get a glimpse of other cool places that show Abu Dhabi’s modern side.

What People Say

Travelers really like the Big Bus Tour in Abu Dhabi. They find the info interesting and like that they can see a lot in a short time. Some suggest having more buses at busy times.


A great way to take in the splendor of the city is to take an Abu Dhabi Big Bus Tour. Plan your trip with Aan Tourism for an amazing time because we aim to give top-notch services with our team of over 50 enthusiastic people. We’re happy to have helped over 10,000 happy customers! This tour lets you go around the city however you like, stopping wherever you want and discovering cool facts as you go. It’s perfect if you want to see a lot of this awesome city.


Are the Big Bus Tours in Abu Dhabi wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the buses are equipped to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges.

Can I purchase tickets directly on the bus?

While some tickets are available onboard, it’s recommended to book online for better deals and convenience.

Do the tours operate during holidays or special events?

Tour schedules might be affected during holidays or events; it’s advisable to check beforehand.

Are there guided walking tours included in the package?

Yes, some packages offer guided walking tours at specific landmarks.

What languages are the commentary available in?

Commentary is available in multiple languages, ensuring a diverse range of visitors can enjoy the tour.

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