The Big Bus Tour Abu Dhabi is more than just seeing famous places; it’s a chance to really get to know Emirati culture. Because we have over 13 years of experience in this industry, people rely on us. Apart from visiting amazing spots like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, this tour lets you take a sneak peek into what the city is truly like on the inside.

Fun Galore: Big Bus Tour Excitement Awaits

Emirates Palace

This place is all about luxury! The Emirates Palace is super fancy with lots of gold and marble. You can see its beauty by looking at the lovely rooms and gardens.

Corniche Beach

After all that grandeur, head to Corniche Beach for some relaxation. This spot holds a collection of fantastic art from around the world and across different times.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Start your tour at the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It’s a stunning work of Islamic art with exquisite domes and patterns. People feel surprised by how peaceful and lovely it is.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

This is an awesome museum that mixes art and culture. This place has a bunch of incredible art from various times and locations.

Discovering Old and New Abu Dhabi

The tour lets you see both modern and old-timey places. You can see really nice places like the Emirates Palace, and also go to old spots like Heritage Village. This mix tells us how Abu Dhabi changed over time.

Special Stops for Special Moments

You’ll find breathtaking views, hidden markets, and charming local places that truly represent the city.

Sunset and Nighttime Fun

When the sun sets, Abu Dhabi becomes even more magical. Some Big Bus Tours offer special trips at sunset or nighttime. You’ll get to see the city’s skyline all lit up and beautiful.

Fun Galore: Big Bus Tour Excitement Awaits

Fun and Learning Together

The guides on the bus don’t just talk—they make things fun! They tell cool facts, stories, and even have fun games sometimes. It’s not just educational; it’s entertaining too.

Taking Care of Our Planet

Some tours care about the environment. They use buses that are kinder to the planet, like hybrids, to cut down on pollution.

Tours for Every Interest

There are different kinds of tours for different interests. No matter what you like—art, food, or adventure—there’s a tour that fits your interests.

Tech to Make Things Cool

Some tours use cool technology like apps or digital guides. These extra things tell you more and show you interesting stuff you might have overlooked.

Being Part of the Community

A few tours team up with local groups. They show off local crafts or performances, which helps keep the Emirati traditions alive.

Golden Hour Magic

The Sunset Tour happens during the golden hour, making everything look beautiful. The sun paints famous places like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Emirates Palace in a warm, dreamy light.

Illuminated Skylines

As night falls, the Night Tour shows off Abu Dhabi’s lit-up skyline.The city looks like a magical wonderland when all the tall buildings and famous places light up with bright, colorful lights. You’ll see how different and amazing the city looks at night.

Heritage under Moonlight

Even at night, you can appreciate old places like the Heritage Village. Dim lights create a peaceful vibe, giving you a unique way to discover Abu Dhabi’s history.


When the sun sets in Abu Dhabi, something enchanting happens. The Sunset and Night Tours by the Big Bus Tour let you see the city in a whole new light. Some Night Tours offer boat rides under the starry sky along Abu Dhabi’s waterfront. Sometimes, Night Tours include traditional music or dancing. The Night Tour isn’t just about what you see; it’s about the sounds and the vibe of the city at night. You’ll hear interesting stories and feel the energy of Abu Dhabi after dark. Make your trip plans with Aan Tourism for an unforgettable experience. We want to give really good services, and we have more than 50 people who work hard in our team. We’ve happily served more than 10,000 satisfied customers.

Fun Galore: Big Bus Tour Excitement Awaits


Are the Big Bus Tours in Abu Dhabi wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the buses are equipped to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges.

Can I purchase tickets directly on the bus?

While some tickets are available onboard, it’s recommended to book online for better deals and convenience.

Do the tours operate during holidays or special events?

Tour schedules might be affected during holidays or events; it’s advisable to check beforehand.

Are there guided walking tours included in the package?

Yes, some packages offer guided walking tours at specific landmarks.

What languages are the commentary available in?

Commentary is available in multiple languages, ensuring a diverse range of visitors can enjoy the tour.

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