Abu Dhabi has a lot of culture and famous places. People from all over the world come to see how amazing it is. The best way to see the city is through Big Bus Tours. This city is by the Persian Gulf and shows a mix of new and old things. Lots of tourists visit because the city mixes old ways with new ideas. We’ve been in the tourism business for more than 13 years and people trust us, so book your Big Bus Tour Abu Dhabi today!

An Overview

These tours are really famous for showing people around different cities. In this city, they offer lots of services for both tourists and people who live there. They make sure everyone has a great time seeing all the important places in the city.

Top Attractions Covered

·        The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a really amazing building you should see. It’s famous for being really grand and having a very detailed design.

·        The Emirates Palace is a super fancy hotel known for being really luxurious. It’s famous for how rich and beautiful it looks.

·        The Heritage Village is a village made to look like how things used to be in the UAE. You can learn a lot about the history and culture of the country there.

·        The Corniche is a pretty walkway by the water. It gives you awesome views of the city and the Arabian Gulf.

·        Marina Mall is a place where lots of people go shopping.

·        Yas Island is where you can find fun places like Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, and the Yas Marina Circuit where they race Formula 1 cars.

·        Qasr Al Watan is the Presidential Palace. It’s famous for being really well built and having huge gardens.

·        Some tours might have a boat ride called a dhow cruise. It lets you see the city from the water, which is a different way to look at it.

Learning about Culture and History

When you visit these special places, you get to experience the cool history and culture of the city. Each stop tells a story that helps you understand where Abu Dhabi comes from.

Easy and Flexible

These tours are great because they’re flexible. This lets you explore the city at your own speed.

Tips for a Great Time

To have the best time on the tour, plan your day. Think about when it’s best to visit each place. It’s also good to talk to the guides for more info—they can make your experience better.

Caring for the Environment

The people who run the tours care a lot about the environment. They do things that help the Earth, and they want visitors to do the same.

Exciting Night Tours

At night, the tours are different and really cool. You get to see this city light up in a whole new way, and it’s magical.


Going around Abu Dhabi with these tours is a chance to really get to know the city. You can learn about its culture, history, and how amazing it is. It’s an easy and deep experience that lets you dive into what makes this city great. Plan your trip with Aan Tourism for a super memorable time because we work hard to give top-notch service. Our team, made up of more than 50 people who love what they do, has made over 10,000 customers really happy with what we offer.


Can people in wheelchairs go on the bus tours?

Yes, the bus tours in this city are wheelchair accessible.

Can I get tickets right on the bus?

On the bus, tickets can be purchased directly.

What languages do the tours use?

The tours are conducted in multiple languages, including English and others.

Are there things for kids on the tours?

There are features for kids on the tours, making it enjoyable for them.

Do the night tours show different places than the day tours?

Yes, the night tours cover different attractions compared to the day tours.

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