Welcome to the complete guide to Laguna Water Park Ladies Night! If you’re a woman wanting a great night out with your friends while staying cool, you’re in the right spot. In this article, we’ll cover all you need to understand about Laguna Ladies Night, including the exciting things to do, the chill atmosphere, and the questions that will help you remember your visit.


Splash Zone: It’s the best place for families, with exciting rides and water slides.

Aqua Play: This is just right for the little ones, with fun games and splashing areas.

Lazy River: You can peacefully float along this beautiful waterway.

Infinity Pool: You can see the amazing views of the Arabian Gulf while you relax in this calm pool.

Splash Zone

The Splash Zone is a really exciting place for people who love adventure, no matter how old they are. There are lots of thrilling rides and fun things to do in the water.

Manta: Flying High

Manta is not like your usual water slide. It feels like you’re defying gravity as you zoom through the air and splash down into the pool. The way you glide and twist around is super exciting.

Constrictor: Twisting and Turning

If you’re feeling brave, the Constrictor is the ride for you. It’s all about sharp twists and turns that will make your heart race from the beginning to the end.

The Loop: Upside Down Adventure

Get ready to do something really cool on The Loop. This ride takes you on an amazing adventure where you go loop-the-loop. It feels like you’re upside down and then right-side-up again, which is pretty incredible.

Aqua Play: Where Kids Have a Blast

Aqua Play is like a dream come true for kids. It’s a super fun water playground made just for them. There are small slides, water cannons, and big buckets that tip over with water – all these things will keep kids happy for hours. It’s full of bright colors and fun water games, and families love it.

Tiny Water Slides: For the little adventurers, Aqua Play has small water slides. These slides are perfect for kids who want to try the excitement of sliding into the water in a safe place.

Water Cannons and Big Buckets: Kids can have water battles with water cannons. The best part is the huge bucket that fills up and then tips over, splashing everyone with cool water. It’s a big splash of fun!

Shallow Pools: Safety is really important at Laguna Water Park, so Aqua Play has shallow pools just for kids. Parents can relax because they know their little ones are playing in a safe and fun water area.

Lazy River: A Calm and Relaxing Journey

Floating Gently: People of all ages can have a peaceful float down the Lazy River. You can sit in a single or double tube or walk in the shallow water slowly.

Escape the Hot Sun: The Lazy River is an excellent place to get away from the very hot sun in Dubai. The water moves slowly, and there are palm trees that give you shade. It’s like a break from the heat.

Enjoy Nature: While you’re on the Lazy River, you can feel close to nature. You go under waterfalls and over small rapids. It’s a quiet and nice experience that lets you see how beautiful nature is.

Infinity Pool: A Luxurious Oasis

Comfortable Poolside: Around the Infinity Pool, there are really comfy chairs and private cabanas where you can relax and feel fancy. The staff there is always ready to help you, so you have a nice and enjoyable time.

Modern and Stylish Look: The pool has a cool and modern style with clean lines and nice furniture. It feels like a place of luxury and sophistication, perfect if you want a fancy swim.

Just for Grown-Ups: Only adults are allowed at the Infinity Pool, so it’s quiet and peaceful. You can get away from the noise and excitement of the other park areas, making it a great place to relax.

A Special Evening Just for Women

Getting to Know the Park: Now that you’ve learned about the park, let’s talk about the big event – Ladies’ Night! This is a special night made just for women. It’s a unique time filled with fun and relaxation.

What’s Great About Ladies Night: Here are some cool things about Ladies Night:

No Entry Fee: Yes, it’s true! Women can come into the park on Ladies’ Night for free.

Live Entertainment: You can dance and enjoy live music and performances by talented artists.

Food and Drinks: You can have yummy food and drinks at a special lower price during the evening.

Poolside Relaxation: You can relax by the pool and sip on your favorite cocktails.

Different Themes: Each Ladies Night has a unique theme that makes it even more exciting.


Laguna’s Ladies Night is a fantastic break from your usual routine. You can come in for free, enjoy live entertainment, and feel the lively atmosphere. So, get your girlfriends together and go to Laguna Water Park for a night of fun and relaxation that you’ll never forget.

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Who Can Come to Ladies Night?

Ladies Night is only for women who are 18 years old or older.

Can I Bring My Kids?

On Ladies Night, only ladies are allowed in the park. But don’t worry, there are days during the week when families are welcome.

What Should I Wear?

You can wear casual clothes, but if you want to swim, you must wear swimwear.

Are There Rules About Ages for the Rides?

Some Laguna Water Park Rides have rules about how tall you should be for safety. You can find out more about the park’s guidelines.

Can I Get Tickets for My Male Friends or Family?

Ladies Night is just for women, but there are regular Laguna Water Park Tickets for men who want to come on other days.

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