You don’t need to search anymore because IMG Worlds of Adventure offers are here. It’s a unique theme park that guarantees an amazing time for people of all ages. With thrilling rides and favorite characters, this amusement park is a place you must go to if you love excitement and you’re with your family.


There are different areas inside the attraction, each with its special theme.

The Marvel Zone: Where Superheroes Come to Life

Enter the Marvel Zone and be surrounded by famous superheroes. See Spider-Man swing between buildings and the Hulk with his huge strength. This area makes the Marvel Universe real. Exciting rides and fun attractions are here, so you can be part of the adventures you’ve seen in movies.

Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure: A Trip Back in Time

If you love dinosaurs and ancient times, the Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure area is perfect for you. Meet life-sized robotic dinosaurs, ride a thrilling roller coaster with a dinosaur theme, and explore old jungles.

Cartoon Network Zone: Remembering Fun Times

Remember your childhood in the Cartoon Network Zone. Characters like Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, and Adventure Time are waiting for you. There are rides for families and places you can interact with. You’ll laugh a lot and remember good times.

IMG Boulevard: Shopping and Delicious Food

Take a break from the excitement and go to IMG Boulevard. Try different foods, buy special things, and enjoy the happy atmosphere. It adds a bit of fancy to your adventure.

The Haunted Hotel: Get Scared!

Do you like scary things? The Haunted Hotel is for you. Walk through the spooky hotel and get scared at every corner. It’s not for people who are scared easily. This place mixes scary technology with stories like in Hollywood movies.

Novo Cinemas: Amazing Movies

IMG Worlds don’t just ride. It has Novo Cinemas, where you can watch the latest movies in a cool way. The screens and sound are really good. It’s a super movie experience.

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Getting Ready for Your Visit: Tickets, Timing, and Tips

Look at the official website to see how to buy tickets, when the park is open, and if there are any special events. If you arrive early, you can avoid big crowds. And if you want to ride more, think about getting a Fast Track pass.

How IMG Worlds Keeps You Safe

Staying safe is super important at IMG. The park follows strict safety rules, so you can have fun without worries. They check the rides to make sure they’re safe, and they manage the crowds well. 

Making Memories: Special Times and Events

If you’re having a birthday or a big work event, IMG can make it special. They have special deals that will make your day memorable. They have private places for you, things that are made just for you, and cool things to do that will make your celebration awesome.

A Mix of Fun and Thrills

IMG Worlds is not just a normal park with rides. There are fast roller coasters and areas that are like being in a different world. 


IMG Worlds is not only a regular amusement park – it’s a place full of imagination, excitement, and never-ending fun. No matter if you like Marvel, enjoy things from a long time ago, or just want to have a great time with your family, this indoor park has everything. There are really fast rides and things you can play with. So get ready for a special adventure and make memories that you’ll remember forever.


Can I Buy Tickets Before I Go?

Sure thing! It’s a good idea to buy your tickets online before you go. This way, you’ll have a spot saved, and you might even get a cheaper price.

Is IMG Good for Kids?

The park is indeed fantastic for youngsters. No matter their age, families may enjoy a variety of activities.

Can I Bring Food and Drinks from Outside?

Sorry, but you can’t bring your food or drinks. But don’t worry, there are many places to eat inside the park.

Can I Have Parties or Special Days There?

Absolutely! If you have a birthday or a special event, you can celebrate it at IMG. They have cool deals for those occasions.

Can Little Kids Go on All the Rides?

No, some rides have rules about how tall you need to be. You can check the website to know which rides have rules like that.

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