Motiongate is the place to be, where you can find excitement, fantasy, and amazing movies all in one. It doesn’t matter if you love movies, enjoy excitement, or just want a fun day – Motiongate tickets let you experience lots of interesting things.

Experience the Movies: Different Areas and Fun Things to Do

Discover the Sony Pictures Studio

Enter the special world of Sony Pictures. You may delve into the universes of films like “Hotel Transylvania,” “Men in Black,” and “Ghostbusters.” As you ride interactive rides and visit attractions that demonstrate the production of movies, feel the thrill.

Enter the DreamWorks World

If you love dreaming and going on adventures, you must visit the DreamWorks area. Join your favorite characters from “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Madagascar” on thrilling rides and entertaining attractions.

Fun for Everyone at the Smurfs Village

The Smurfs Village is great for families and kids. It’s a magical place with mushroom houses, lively streets, and the cute blue Smurfs. There are play areas and gentle rides for everyone to enjoy.

Excitement and Chills in the Lionsgate Zone

Get ready for thrilling experiences in the Lionsgate area. The thrilling attractions in this area, which range from “The Hunger Games” to “Now You See Me,” will have you on the edge of your seat.

Quick and Efficient Travel with the Capitol Bullet Train

Want to get around the park easily? Ride the Capitol Bullet Train. 

Getting Your Tickets

Booking Online: Easy and Convenient

You can easily get your tickets online. Just go to the official website, pick the day you want to go and choose from different ticket choices. This way is fast and also gives you special discounts.

Getting Tickets at the Park: Flexible and Spontaneous

If you feel like having an adventure without planning, that’s okay. Motiongate lets you buy tickets right at the entrance. This is great for when you decide to go on the spur of the moment.

Special Deals: Making Your Visit Special

Motiongate knows that each person is different. That’s why they have special deals. These deals include park entry along with meals, discounts on things you buy, and even passes to skip lines so you don’t wait long.

Making Your Visit Unforgettable: Helpful Tips

Plan for a Great Time

There’s so much to see, so plan what you want to do beforehand. Check out the fun things, shows, and places to eat. This way, you’ll have a schedule that fits what you like.

Stay Refreshed and Energized

Having fun at a theme park can make you tired. Remember to drink water, take breaks, and try different foods available around the park.

Capture the Special Moments

Motiongate is full of wonderful memories. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take pictures with your favorite characters and on exciting rides.

Experience the Magic After Dark

When the sun goes down, Motiongate becomes even more amazing. Stay for the nighttime shows with bright lights and fireworks that light up the sky with beautiful colors.


Tickets from Motiongate are more than just a way to get into a theme park. You can fly in the sky with your favorite characters or feel the thrill of exciting rides. Motiongate gives you a really special adventure.

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Can I buy tickets for Motiongate on the same day I want to go?

Yes, you can! Motiongate lets you buy tickets right at the park if you decide to visit suddenly.

Are there any rules about age for certain fun things?

Yes, some fun things have rules about how tall or old you need to be to stay safe. Before you plan to go, check what the park says about this.

Do you allow outside food in the park?

You can’t bring food or drinks from outside into the park. But don’t worry – there are lots of different places to eat inside.

If I change my mind, can I get my money back for the tickets?

Usually, tickets can’t be given back for money. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to see what the park’s rules are for getting your money back.

What are Q-Fast passes?

Q-Fast passes are special tickets that let you go in shorter lines and wait less time for some of the best things to do.

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