Dubai is prominent for its unbelievable structural design and innovative constructions. With its ground-breaking and ingenious constructions, it never misses the mark to surprize the world. Inside Dubai Frame is one of the most eminent sites. It validates the devotion of this community to unique and distinct happenings. Let’s explore the attraction in this blog and see how it syndicates history, leading-edge perceptions, and breathtaking sights. Book with us right away to take advantage of our solid reputation and more than 13 years of experience in the travel and tourist industry.

An Incredible Design and Engineering Feat

It is called the “Frame of Dubai,” because of a massive rectangular building in Zabeel Park. It’s tall, reaching 150 meters, and wide, stretching 93 meters. It’s actually the biggest frame in the world. But what’s really special about it is how it’s designed. It brings together things from the past and the present in a very clever way.

A Meaningful Design

It looks like a giant picture frame, but it’s not just any frame. It’s meant to show how time has passed. The gold part of the frame represents the present, and the silver part represents the past. This is a way of honoring how the city has changed so quickly, going from a small fishing village to a big and modern city in just a few decades.

A Thrilling Glass Skywalk

One of the most exciting things to do is walking on the glass skywalk that connects the two tall towers. When you walk on this clear bridge, it feels like you’re floating in the air. You get to see amazing views of both Old Dubai and the modern city skyline. It might be a little scary for some people, but the views are unforgettable.

Travel Through Time

Explore the Past

When you enter the building, you’ll start a journey back in time in the Old Dubai Gallery. This part of the frame is like a special way to remember and celebrate the history, culture, and traditions of the city.

Learn About the Past

In the Old Dubai Gallery, you can see lots of interesting displays that show how this city has changed over many years. It goes from the early days when people relied on pearl diving and fishing to more recent times when trade and business became important. It’s like looking at a big picture of history.

Play and Learn

In the gallery, there are things you can touch and play with, like old things, pictures, and papers. This makes learning about history fun and interesting at the same time.

Go Up High

Visit the Modern Dubai Sky Gallery

After you’ve learned about the past, it’s time to go up to the Sky Gallery, where you’ll see the amazing views of modern city.

See the City

The Sky Gallery has a glass floor, so you can look down and see the famous buildings of this metropolitan, like the Burj Khalifa. It’s a really cool view, especially at sunset when the city lights up.

A Delicious Food Adventure

When you go to this destination, you must try the yummy food it has to offer.

The Frame Café

Inside the frame, you’ll find the Frame Café. They serve all kinds of tasty dishes there. You can enjoy food from different countries and also traditional Emirati dishes. Plus, you get to see some amazing views through the big windows.


The Dubai Frame is not just a structure; it’s a voyage through time, and it’s a way to rejoice all the countless things Dubai has done. From the exceptional approach it’s intended to the remarkable galleries and the unbelievable sights, it’s an experience you won’t forget. So, when you stopover at this destination, make sure you go inside the Dubai Frame to see how the city’s past and present come unruffled in an eccentric way. Plan your trip with Aan Tourism for an expedition you won’t fail to recall since we do our utmost to offer first-class services with the support of a workforce made up of more than 50 passionate individuals. We have opportunely provided our services to more than 10,000 satisfied clients.


How much does it cost to enter this place?

The price for tickets can be different. Adults, kids, and groups might have different prices.

Can someone give me a tour of the establishment?

Yes, there are guides who can take you on a tour inside the building. They’ll tell you more about its history and why it’s important.

Is taking pictures inside the attraction allowed?

Yes, it is permitted to snap photos within the attraction. The breathtaking vistas and interesting exhibits are worth photographing.

When’s the best time to go for the nicest views?

If you want to see the most beautiful views of Old Dubai and the modern city, try going during sunset. It’s when the city starts to light up, and it looks really magical.

How long does it take to see everything in the attraction?

The time it takes to explore can be different for everyone. On average, people spend about 1 to 2 hours inside.

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