The Dubai Mall is famous for its fancy shopping and amazing things to see. Inside, there’s something really cool called the Dubai Mall Aquarium. The Dubai Mall Aquarium is a huge underwater show inside the Dubai Mall. It’s where you can see many different kinds of sea animals. People who love nature, families, and those looking for adventure will find it really amazing with Dubai Mall Aquarium Price.

Aquarium Ticket Prices

Before you start your underwater adventure, it’s important to know how much tickets cost. The price depends on what kind of experience you want. Here are the regular ticket prices:

General Admission (Explorer Experience): This ticket lets you go into the tunnel and see the underwater zoo.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Entry with a Glass-Bottom Boat Ride: This ticket is for people who want a more immersive experience. It includes a ride on a boat with a glass bottom.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Entry with a VRZOO 360: This ticket lets you experience virtual reality while exploring the aquarium.

Combo Offers and Discounts

If you want to have a great time and spend less money, think about getting combo deals and discounts. The Dubai Mall sometimes has special deals where you can visit the aquarium and also do other fun things in the mall, like ice skating at Dubai Ice Rink or playing at KidZania.

What to Expect Inside

The Underwater Tunnel

The most exciting part of the Dubai Mall Aquarium is a long tunnel that is 48 meters (about 157 feet) long. The undersea environment is all around you as you pass through this tube.

The Underwater Zoo

The aquarium is more than just looking at things. It also has an underwater zoo. You can admire seahorses, jellyfish, and beautiful sea turtles that live there.

Interactive Experiences

If you’re someone who loves excitement, the Dubai Mall Aquarium has some really fun things for you to do:

Cage Snorkeling: If you want an adventure, you can try cage snorkeling. This is a thrilling activity where you can get close to sharks and rays while staying safe in a cage. It will make your heart race!

Shark Dive: If you’re a certified diver, you can do something amazing called a shark dive. This means you can dive into the tank and swim with real sharks.

Feeding Sessions: You can also watch the feeding sessions at the Dubai Mall Aquarium. It’s a chance to see how different sea animals eat.

Educational Programs: The Dubai Mall Aquarium cares about the environment.

Tips for a Memorable Visit

Here are some helpful suggestions to make your visit really special:

Come Early: To avoid big crowds, it’s a good idea to arrive at the Dubai Mall Aquarium early.

Check the Schedule: Make sure to look at the schedule of shows and activities. That way, you won’t miss things like feeding sessions.

Bring Your Camera: Don’t forget to bring your camera along to capture beautiful moments.

Stay Safe: It’s important to follow all the safety rules. Both you and the aquarium’s aquatic life benefit from this in terms of safety.


Visiting the Dubai Mall Aquarium is a special adventure that you won’t forget. It’s like stepping into an amazing world under the sea. You may witness a wide variety of marine life, participate in entertaining activities, and learn a lot as well. So, when you plan your trip, don’t forget to include a visit to the Dubai Mall Aquarium.


Are there interesting activities like shark snorkeling available?

Yes, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try things like cage snorkeling and even diving with sharks.

Can I take pictures inside?

Yes, you can take pictures. Don’t forget to capture the amazing sea animals and your fun times.

Can I touch the sea animals?

No, it’s not allowed to touch the sea animals.

Are there rules about how old you have to be to visit?

No, people of all ages can visit.

How do I get to the Dubai Mall Aquarium?

It’s easy to get to the Dubai Mall Aquarium. Using a car, a cab, or public transportation are all options. It’s in the middle of Downtown Dubai.

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