Dubai is a famous city known for being very fancy and having amazing buildings. One special thing is the Dubai Frame. This article will teach us a lot about this well-known location, including its appearance, cultural significance, and breath-taking views. Join us on this architectural and historical adventure. We are well-known and have worked in the travel and tourism industry for over 13 years.


Look at the View: You can see the city from high up and take pictures.

Walk on Glass: Try the Glass Walk if you’re brave. It’s like walking on air.

Learn About Culture: There are exhibitions to teach you about the people and history of Dubai.

Enjoy Art: You can see cool art and creative things inside Dubai Frame.

Take Photos: It’s a perfect place for pictures, so don’t forget your camera.

Explore Time: It takes you on a journey to the past and the future.

Have Fun: You can have a great time and make special memories there.

Design and Building

The building’s looks are really amazing. It’s super tall at 150 meters high and very wide at 93 meters. It’s like a giant rectangle covered in gold. The gold outside shows the modern side of Dubai, while the middle part has a cool glass bridge that represents the city’s history.

Traveling Through Time

When you go inside, it’s like going back in time. The journey starts in the Past Gallery, which makes you feel like you’re in old Dubai.

Up on the Sky Deck

When you’re on the glass floor of the Sky Deck, you can see amazing views of both the old and new parts of Dubai. One side has the busy city, and the other has the historic Old Dubai, and the difference between them is really impressive.

The Glass Walk

You get to walk on a see-through pathway with nothing blocking your view of the ground below.

Interactive Things to Do

It has lots of fun things to do for people of all ages. You can listen to stories with holograms and use touch screens to learn and have fun.

When Night Comes

As the sun goes down, it becomes a stunning sight with colorful lights that make the city shine.        

A Look at Culture

The part of the Dubai Frame called the “Cultural Experience” is a lively mix of old and new traditions. People who visit can see exhibitions that teach about the way people in the UAE live, their art, and their history.

Exhibitions About Culture

It has many exhibitions about culture. It’s like going to school and having fun at the same time while discovering Dubai’s history.

Seeing the Whole Picture

When you look out, the views are incredibly beautiful. You can see the tall, modern city buildings next to the old, historic areas, and it’s a view that’s really interesting and unique.

A Modern Symbol

It is now a famous symbol in the city, showing Dubai’s daring and imaginative side. It’s not just a frame; it’s like a doorway to Dubai’s history and a window to its future.


It is not just a building made of steel and glass. It resembles a voyage that teaches you about culture, transports you through time, and displays breathtaking architecture. You can see the past and the future together in one location, and everything works well together. You can plan your trip with Aan Tourism, a company with a team of over 50 enthusiastic people. We’ve delighted over 10,000 clients with what we do, and our objective is to make sure you have a prodigious experience.


Is it open to people of all ages?

Yes, it is a place for everyone, including families and people of all ages.

Can I buy tickets on the internet before I go?

Yes, you can buy tickets online before you visit.

When is the best time to see this attraction?

It looks great in the daytime and at night. You can choose when you want to visit based on what you like.

Are there any rules about taking pictures at this place?

Of course, there are guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety and happiness. Just follow the instructions from the staff.

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