Imagine a spot where thrilling rides, incredible slides, and exciting water adventures unite in a stunning location. Yas Waterworld, featuring over 40 attractions, draws inspiration from the UAE’s vibrant heritage. Explore Yas Waterworld entrance fees to plan your visit accordingly.

How much is the price

Before you dive into the excitement, let’s talk about entrance fees. Yas Waterworld offers various ticket options to suit your needs, from one-day passes to season tickets, each designed with you in mind.

Fantastic Packages for Every Visitor

you want to make your visit even more special, Yas Waterworld offers packages that include unique experiences. If you’re keen on avoiding lines, renting a cabana, or relishing dining perks, these packages add more delight. Yas Waterworld offers attractions suitable for all ages, spanning from exciting adventures to tranquil relaxation. Feel the adrenaline rush on the Dawwama or take it easy on the lazy river the choice is yours.

Delicious Dining Options

A day of adventure works up an appetite. Yas Waterworld doesn’t just offer rides; it’s a culinary journey. From international flavors to local delights, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Tips for an Amazing Day

To make sure your visit goes smoothly and is full of enjoyment, we’ve gathered insider advice. From staying protected under the sun to selecting the best times for rides, these proffers will better your day.

Getting to Yas Waterworld

Getting there is a breeze. Clear directions and various transportation options are available whether you’re in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Safety First: Your Well-Being Matters

Yas Waterworld has comprehensive safety measures in place, ensuring you have a worry-free and enjoyable experience.

Take a Piece of Yas Waterworld Home

Explore the range of merchandise and souvenirs, from clothing to keepsakes, so you can take a bit of the waterpark magic with you.

Make Your Event Unforgettable

Yas Waterworld isn’t just a place for a day out; it’s a fantastic event venue. Whether it’s a private gathering or a corporate event, the waterpark guarantees excitement and entertainment.

Open Year-Round for Your Enjoyment

Unlike some waterparks limited by seasons, Yas Waterworld welcomes visitors year-round. No matter the weather, the fun never stops.

Caring for the Environment

Yas Waterworld goes beyond just fun – discover the park’s environmental efforts that demonstrate how entertainment and sustainability can work together.

Guest Stories: The Yas Waterworld Magic

Catch a glimpse of the excitement from the perspective of fellow visitors. Their stories capture the enchantment that is stored for you at Yas Waterworld.

Group Visits and Private Events

Planning a group outing or private event? Yas Waterworld can create a special experience with custom offerings and wonderful memories.

Explore Yas Island Beyond the Waterpark

Yas Island has more to offer than just the waterpark. Discover nearby attractions, shopping, and entertainment that enhance your Yas Waterworld adventure.

Aqua Adventures: Rides and Slides

Have a blast with thrilling rides and slides at Yas Waterworld. Experience a variety of water fun, from exciting drops to relaxing river rides.

Relaxation and Wellness at Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld is not only about excitement; it’s also a place to unwind. Find wellness options to recharge amid the lively waterpark atmosphere.

Organization fees and personal occasions

Explore unique rates and packages available for organizations, corporate activities, and private events, supplying a cost-effective way to enjoy Yas Waterworld with others.

Online booking benefits

Find out the blessings of reserving your entrance tickets online, which include capability reductions, comfort, and securing your spot in advance.

Combination tickets with Yas Island attractions

Find out about blend-price ticket options that permit you to enjoy more than one attraction on Yas Island, offering exquisite prices on your cash.

VIP and Premium Experiences

Find out about VIP packages or premium experiences that offer exclusive perks, priority access, and enhanced services for an elevated visit.

Refund and Cancellation Policies

Familiarize yourself with the waterpark’s refund and cancellation policies, ensuring you’re aware of the terms and conditions in case your plans change.

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Ultimately, get geared up for an unforgettable day at Yas Water Global! With its points of interest, amusement, and immersive entertainment, this water park guarantees an afternoon complete with happiness and excitement for each person. whether you’re seeking out exhilaration or relaxation, Yas Waterworld gives an experience you will treasure.


How much are the entrance fees?

Yas Waterworld entrance fees vary based on factors like age and packages. Visit the official website or contact customer service for up-to-date pricing.

Are there family discounts?

Absolutely, Yas Waterworld often offers special family discounts. Check the website or ask customer service for current offers.

Can I bring outside food?

Outside food isn’t allowed, but the park offers various dining options.

Is there a dress code?

While there’s no strict code, swimwear is recommended. Comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear are suggested.

Can I buy tickets online?

Yes, buying tickets online in advance is convenient and may offer exclusive discounts. 

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