Ticket prices for Yas Waterworld can vary depending on factors such as the date of your visit, age, and any special promotions or packages they may offer. To find the current ticket prices and options, I recommend visiting the official Yas Waterworld website price or contacting their customer service directly. They will have the most up-to-date information on how much is Yas Waterworld ticket pricing and any available discounts.

General Admission

When it comes to visiting Yas Waterworld, the general admission ticket is your standard entry pass. It permits access to all the interesting rides, slides, and attractions at some stage in the park.

Children’s Tickets

Yas Waterworld offers special pricing for children. Children under a certain height (typically 1.1 meters or 3.6 feet) are eligible for reduced ticket prices.

Annual Passes

For those who plan to visit Yas Waterworld more frequently, an annual pass might be the best option. It permits limitless visits at some stage in the year and regularly includes greater blessings which include reductions in food and merchandise.

VIP Experience

If you’re looking for an elevated experience, consider the VIP package. It includes priority access to rides, a personal cabana, and exclusive amenities for a day of luxury and convenience.

Group Discounts

Yas Waterworld gives discounts for groups, which is great for school trips, company events, or big family get-togethers.

Online vs. On-site Tickets

Purchasing your tickets online often comes with discounts and can help you skip the lines at the entrance. On-site ticket purchases may be more convenient for some visitors but could be costlier.

Special deals and promotions

Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions that Yas Waterworld occasionally runs. These can include seasonal discounts, combo tickets with other attractions, or package deals with nearby hotels.

Factors Affecting Ticket Prices

Many factors can affect the price of Yas Waterworld tickets:

Age of visitor

As mentioned earlier, the age of the visitor, especially if they are a child, can significantly impact the ticket price.

Time of Visit

Yas Waterworld often has different pricing tiers depending on the time of year, with peak season tickets costing more than off-peak ones.

Special Events

During special events or holidays, ticket prices may be higher due to increased demand.

Park Add-ons

Extra services like renting lockers, paying for parking, or getting meal plans can increase the total cost of your visit.

Yas Waterworld’s Unique Attractions

Wave Rider

One of the highlights of Yas Waterworld is the incredible Wave Rider. it is a surf simulator that lets you sense the fun of catching a wave, even in case you’re new to surfing. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or honestly need to maintain your balance, this appeal is a need to strive.


Recall to check out CineSplash for a one-of-a-type cinematic revel. it’s a 5D water adventure that blends breathtaking visuals with water consequences, offering you an immersive journey not like any other.

Slither’s Slides

If you’re traveling with little ones, Yas Waterworld has a dedicated area called Slither’s Slides. In this place, kids could have a notable time with miniature slides, water cannons, and interactive play zones in secure and exciting surroundings.

Souvenir Shops

Before you leave Yas Waterworld, be sure to explore the souvenir shops. They have a diffusion of objects for sale, which includes t-shirts, caps, and different souvenirs, permitting you to convey part of the Yas Waterworld enjoy domestic with you.

Insider Tips for Visiting Yas Waterworld

Arrive Early

To make the most of your visit and enjoy the attractions with shorter queues, consider arriving at the park right when it opens in the morning.

Sun Protection

Abu Dhabi’s sun can be quite intense, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly and wear sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Stay Hydrated

With all the excitement, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated. Yas Waterworld has water fountains throughout the park, so keep a refillable water bottle with you.

Explore Yas Island

After having an exhilarating day at Yas Waterworld, make sure to discover Yas Island even greater. it’s also home to different attractions like Ferrari Waterworld, Warner Bros. global, and Yas Mall, supplying a ramification of leisure alternatives.

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The cost of a Yas Waterworld ticket can fluctuate depending on various factors. It’s crucial to plan your visit cautiously and make use of reductions and promotions whilst they’re presented. Whether you’re seeking a thrilling adventure or a relaxing day by the pool, Yas Waterworld has options to suit your preferences and budget.


1. Are there discounts for UAE residents?

Yes, Yas Waterworld often offers special discounts for UAE residents. Make sure to visit their official website to see the most up-to-date promotions.

2. Can I purchase tickets in advance?

Yes, you can purchase tickets in advance online to save both time and money.

3. Are there any age limits for some rides?

Yes, some rides have height and age restrictions to ensure the safety of all visitors. Make sure you look at the park’s rules before you go.

4. Are food and beverages allowed inside the park?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed, but Yas Waterworld has a wide range of dining options available within the park.

5. Is there a selected manner you must get dressed?

While there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s advisable to wear appropriate swimwear for water attractions and dress comfortably for other activities within the park.

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