Yas Waterworld is a waterpark in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. It’s a fun place with lots of water rides. In this article, we’ll talk about the cool Yas Waterworld rides that make it a great place to visit. It is a big waterpark with more than 40 rides and slides. It’s perfect for people who love water. You can swim in clear pools, go down exciting water slides, and float in lazy rivers. We have been in the tourism business for over 13 years, and people really like what we do.

Why do people like rides?

The rides are very famous because they offer special and really exciting experiences. They have rides that give you a big thrill, and they also have rides that families can enjoy together.

Different Kinds of Rides

They have rides for all sorts of adventurers.

Exciting Water Slides

If you’re someone who loves excitement, they have some great rides for you. You can try the Dawwama, which is a slide that six people can ride together, and the Jebel Drop, which is a super-fast slide where you drop down really quickly.

Relaxing River and Wave Pool

But if you prefer a more relaxed time, you can relax and float down the Yadi Yas lazy river or have fun with the waves at the Amwaj wave pool.

Fun for Families

Families can have a good time together on rides like Falcon’s Falaj, where you ride in a big raft as a family, or Cannon Point, which is like a water roller coaster.

Play with Water

For the little ones, there are places like Marah Fortress and Al Raha River, where they can play with water and have lots of fun.

The Cheetah Chase Waterslide

The Cheetah Chase is a famous waterslide. It’s a fast slide where six people can race against each other.

Fast and Exciting

When you go on this slide, you can go as fast as 60 kilometers per hour, and it’s really exciting all the way down.

Staying Safe

Don’t worry, safety is really important, and it’s the same for the Cheetah Chase. They give all riders safety gear and explain everything carefully.

The Bandit Bomber Ride

The Bandit Bomber is not like your usual waterslide. It’s a roller coaster where you can shoot water at targets while you ride.

What Makes It Special

While you go around the twists and turns, you can have a water fight with the other riders. It’s like a fun competition that makes the ride even more enjoyable.

How Riders Feel

People who ride the Bandit Bomber feel really excited because it’s different from other rides and gives them a big rush of adrenaline.

The Bubble’s Barrel Surf Simulator

The Bubble’s Barrel is a really big surf simulator where people can ride the perfect wave. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to surfing or really good at it; this ride is for everyone.

For Everyone

It’s fun for people of all ages and different surfing levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can have a great time.

How to Enjoy It

To have the best time on the Bubble’s Barrel, try to keep your balance and just enjoy riding the waves. It’s all about having fun.

Dana’s Dhow Boat Ride and Treasure Hunts

Dana’s Dhow is a special boat ride where you can go on a treasure hunt adventure. It’s a really fun time for children and families.

Just for Kids

This ride is made especially for kids, and it’s a mix of having fun and learning while searching for hidden treasures.

Eating at Yas Waterpark

They have lots of different kinds of food to make you happy when you’re hungry after a fun day.

Lots of Food Choices

They have food from all around the world and also local food that people love. You can pick from many different things to eat.

Place to Eat

The waterpark has many places where you can get something to eat, so it’s easy to find a meal while you’re there.

Getting Your Tickets and Deals

They give you choices for how to pay. You can get a ticket for one day, or you can get a pass that’s good for a whole year.

Extra Deals

Look out for special deals and discounts to make your visit cheaper. It can help you save money.

Easy Booking

It’s simple to book your tickets online, so you can plan your trip easily.

Tips for a Wonderful Trip

To make sure you have a great time, get ready by planning your trip ahead, checking the weather, and making a list of the attractions you want to see.

What to Wear and Bring

Bring the right clothes for swimming, sunscreen to protect your skin, and anything else you need to stay comfortable.

Come Early

Getting there early is a good idea because you can avoid big crowds and enjoy the park more.


In Summary, Yas Waterworld is a fantastic waterpark where people of all ages can have a great time. It has lots of rides, things to do, places to eat, and good deals, making it a place for family fun. Make your trip special with Aan Tourism because we work hard to give you the best. Our team has more than 50 people who love what they do. We’ve made over 10,000 customers happy with our services.


Is it Good for Little Kids?

Yes, they have fun stuff for kids, like play areas and rides that families can enjoy.

Are There Rules for the Rides?

Some rides have rules about how tall or heavy you can be to ride them. These rules are shown at each ride to keep everyone safe.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks?

No, you can’t bring your own food and drinks, but there are places to eat in the park.

What Should I Wear?

There’s no strict dress code, but it’s best to wear the right swimwear for water activities.

Are There People to Watch Over Us in the Water?

Yes, they have trained lifeguards at different spots to make sure everyone is safe.

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