Yas Waterworld is an amazing location for those who enjoy thrills and the water. In Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island. There are many entertaining water rides and family-friendly activities here. There, you can unwind as well. Everyone of any age will like it. We will discuss Yas Waterworld rides as well as other topics in this article. Having worked in the tourism sector for more than 13 years, we are well-known for our quality work.

Thrilling Water Rides

This waterpark has some really exciting rides that are meant to make your heart race.

The Bandit Bomber

If you love adventure and excitement, you can’t miss the Bandit Bomber. You’ll see amazing views and experience big drops that will make your heart pound.


Dawwama, also known as the “Tornado,” is a ride that makes you feel like you’re defying gravity. You sit in a round tube and spin through a huge funnel.

Jebel Drop

If you want a quick thrill, the Jebel Drop is perfect. It’s a slide where you’ll drop really fast, giving you an unforgettable feeling of excitement.

Liwa Loop

The Liwa Loop is a super-fast water slide that includes an exciting 360-degree loop.

Attractions for Families

Marah Fortress

This place isn’t just for people who like big, exciting rides; it’s also great for families. Marah Fortress is like a water playground with slides and a huge bucket that tips water, and kids really like it.

Yadi Yas

Yadi Yas is a ride that’s made for the whole family to have fun together. It’s a raft ride where everyone can enjoy water fun in a safe and happy way.

Al Raha River

You can take a slow and easy ride down the Al Raha River, a calm waterway that winds through the park.


Cinesplash is a special movie experience where you watch a 5D movie and get splashed, sprayed, and surprised.

Relaxing Fun by the Water

Amwaj Beach

Amwaj Beach is the spot for people who like to relax more than get thrilled.

Rush Rider

If you love surfing, you can ride the waves at Rush Rider. It’s a machine that makes artificial waves, perfect for practicing your surfing skills.


Sebag is a traditional wooden boat ride that offers a calm and cultural experience on the water.

Lazy River

You can take it easy and float down the Lazy River, letting the gentle current carry you through the beautiful natural scenery of this place.

Eating and Buying Things

When you’re done with all the fun, you can fill your tummy with different food choices. The park also has shops where you can get things to remember your great day at the water park.


Yas Waterworld is a place full of amazing water adventures. It has exciting rides, things for families to enjoy, peaceful spots to relax, and great places to eat and shop. You should come here for a day of fun and adventure! If you plan your trip with Aan Tourism, it will be a special memory because we work hard to give you the best service. There are over fifty individuals on our team who genuinely care about your experience. With our assistance, over 10,000 clients have been satisfied.


Is this place good for everyone?

Yes, it is! They have fun stuff for all kinds of people, whether you love excitement or you’re a family looking for a good time.

Are there rules about how tall or heavy you can be on the rides?

Some rides have rules about how tall or heavy you can be to keep everyone safe.

Can I bring my own food to this place?

No, you can’t bring your own food or drinks from outside, but they have different places to eat that serve all kinds of food.

Is there a special way to dress for the water park?

There isn’t a strict way to dress, but it’s best to wear the right kind of swimsuit for the water rides. It’s good to be modest.

How can I get tickets for this water park?

You can easily buy tickets on our official website or when you arrive at the park. It’s a good idea to book ahead, especially when lots of people visit, so you can be sure to get in.

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