Dubai, synonymous with opulence and architectural marvels, never captivates its visitors. Among the many iconic landmarks, the Dubai Frame stands out, offering a unique perspective that bridges the gap between the city’s past and present. This guide covers the details of Dubai frame ticket prices and timings to make your visit smooth and memorable. Having 13 years of experience providing tourism services, we are well known for providing great experiences.

Exploring the Marvels of the Dubai Frame
Exploring the Marvels of the Dubai Frame

Understanding the Dubai Frame

Before diving into ticket prices and timings, let’s take a moment to appreciate the Dubai Frame itself. Positioned in Zabeel Park, this colossal rectangular structure is a literal frame that encapsulates breathtaking views of both old and new Dubai. Its architectural significance lies in its ability to express the city’s evolution, with one side focusing on the historic center and the other embracing the modern skyline.

Ticket Price

To embark on this visual journey, you must secure your ticket. As of [insert current date], the ticket prices vary

 based on age groups:

  • Adults (12 years and above): [Insert price]
  • Children (3 to 12 years): [Insert price]
  • Infants (below three years): Free entry

It’s advisable to check the official Dubai Frame website or authorized ticket vendors for any updates or promotions that might affect the pricing.

Booking Options

Tickets can be conveniently purchased online through the official website or third-party platforms. Online booking saves you time and sometimes comes with exclusive discounts or combo offers for other attractions in Dubai.

Dubai Frame Timings

To make the most of your visit, you must know the operating hours. It generally operates seven days a week. Dubai Frame timings are here.

It’s worth noting that these timings might be subject to change during public holidays or special events. To avoid any inconveniences, double-check the schedule before planning your visit.

Best Time to Visit

Dubai’s climate can be intense, with scorching temperatures during the summer months. To enjoy a more pleasant experience, consider visiting Dubai Frame during the cooler months from November to March. Additionally, late afternoon or early evening provides the ideal atmosphere to witness the city’s mesmerizing transformation as the sun sets.

Additional Tips for a Remarkable Visit

  1. Photography Essentials

Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the panoramic views of Dubai. The frame is a photographer’s paradise, offering many photo opportunities.

  1. Interactive Displays

Take advantage of the interactive displays within the frame, providing historical insights and interesting facts about Dubai’s past and present.

  1. Plan for Queues

There might be queues at the entrance during peak hours or on weekends. Plan accordingly and consider purchasing fast-track or priority tickets if available.

  1. Explore Zabeel Park

Since it is located within Zabeel Park, allocate some time to explore the lush surroundings and enjoy a stroll.


It is more than just a window into Dubai’s history and progress. It is an experience that transcends time and architecture. Knowing ticket prices, times, and other tips will help you understand the full potential of your visit to this iconic landmark. So, frame your Dubai memories and witness the city’s grandeur from a perspective like never before. If you plan your adventure with Aan Tourism, you’ll have a fantastic time because we have a team of more than 50 enthusiastic people dedicated to giving you top-notch service. We’ve happily helped over ten thousand customers with our services.


Q1: What is the Dubai Frame?

A1: It is a prominent architectural landmark in Dubai, designed in the shape of a colossal frame. It offers panoramic views of historic and modern Dubai, showcasing the city’s transformation.

Q2: Where it is located?

A2: It is located in Zabeel Park, one of the city’s green spaces. Its strategic location provides stunning views of Dubai’s old and new parts.

Q3: How much is the ticket price for it?

A3: Ticket prices vary by age group. As of [insert current date], adults (12 years and above) are charged [insert price], children (3 to 12 years) are charged [insert price], and infants (below three years) enjoy free entry.

Q4: Can I buy the tickets online?

A4: You can conveniently purchase the tickets online through the official website or authorized third-party platforms. Online booking often includes added benefits such as time savings and potential discounts.

Q5: What are the operating hours of it?

A5: It generally operates seven days a week. From Saturday to Thursday, it is open from [insert opening time] to [insert closing time]. On Fridays, the operating hours are [insert opening time] to [insert closing time]. Please note that these timings may change during public holidays or special events.

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